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I write my blog for the pure enjoyment of sharing what I’m doing, DIY Projects, Crafts, Home Decor and, items I find or love that I find in stores, or online. My blog is not my business – I am a professional designer and business owner, but the blog does generate an income for me, which is not something I am at a stage in my life that I can turn away! 😉 The income that I do make, helps me dedicate time for writing my blog – something for which I am truly grateful for. With that being said – I am of the mindset that it would be a disservice to my blog, and to my readers if I shared things that I truly didn’t like. So I hope with you knowing that, you can rest assured that things I do share are legitimately of interest to me. 

I make an income from my website the following ways…

Sponsored content is where a company, or, a PR company representing a brand, engage me to write a blog post and, or, promote the blog post via social media. In return for doing a post, I am financially compensated for my time (doing photography, video and writing) and, sharing with my readers. In other cases, I am compensated for my time with a product.  With regards to Sponsored Content on the blog, I do the following: (1) Disclose at the TOP of a blog post and at the BOTTOM of a blog post that a post has been sponsored so that before anyone even starts to read, that people are aware that the post was paid for. (2) I am honest with my reviews (3) I only work with companies that I see are a good fit. I turn down more sponsored content opportunities than I am offered as they are not good fits for my site. 


Affiliate Links are used on my blog. These are links that, should you make a purchase from having visited a website from my link, I as the referred make a small percentage from the sale or a flat fee if someone joins having used my membership link. In every single case, I am not aware of who clicks on the links, who makes a purchase, or, what someone purchases. 

I use in limited areas of my website, Google Banner Ads. These generate a small income based on the traffic that my website has. Advertisements shown vary depending on the visitors, and are promoted to you the viewer based on your search history. I do not have control over the advertisements shown, however if you view an ad that you feel is not appropriate do let me know and I will block specific advertisers.