Paradisus La Perla


My girlfriend, Elizabeth and I decided to splurge on an all inclusive vacation, sans husbands or kids as a treat to ourselves. Our husbands take lots and lots of guys weekends and we felt it was time to treat ourselves. Heaven!! We opted to go to Mexico, and stayed at LA PERLA and had an AMAZING TIME. Here is a little review of our trip! 

La Perla is an Adults Only Resort in Mexico that shares property with her sister resort, La Esmerlada which is the “family-friendly” property of the chain (see my review here). The two resorts are on opposite ends of the property and have their own respective beach areas and own staff but share the occasional amenity such as restaurants. Guests are politely alerted to the Adults only areas by signs, when one is about to enter La Perla.

The resort is really promoted for couples, but we knew it was also the perfect place for a girls getaway because of the level of service, the grounds, spa and dining. Having experienced the sister resort a few months earlier, I knew first hand that it would be fantastic, and I wasn’t disappointed. 

We did think that we may be the only girls getaway there, I mean, it was rather luxurious of a trip – and in turn, we would be surrounded by newlyweds, but I was complely wrong. Although the majority of guests did seem to be couples, there were family reunions (how great to get the whole family together at a resort!), there were two sisters travelling and groups of friends. 

ROYAL SERVICE UPGRADE: If you can swing it, upgrade to the Royal Service, which is the equivalent to the Family Concierge Upgrade at La Esmerlada. The Royal Service is an upgraded feature for your stay, which gives you access to a private checkin area, a “butler”, a private pool area for Royal Service members, private beach area, and extra amenities, and service. You get free WIFI by your bedroom and pool area, opposed to WIFI just in the lobby if you don’t upgrade. It’s really just such a lovely upgrade and makes it ridiculously divine. At night you get turn down service and surprises throughout the stay (like our couples bath!) OMG. We laughed so hard at that one. 

Read more on what you can expect to experience if you book. And my travel agent, Katharine Lewis’s information is at the bottom. She’s amazing.


Me relaxing in my private Cabana. Heaven. 

Me relaxing in my private Cabana. Heaven. 


he Beach was actually ridiculously lovely. The Royal Service area has ample beds that you can lie on for shade, and sunbathing beds for those trying to get some colour. Elizabeth loved the beach, I on the other hand was more of a Cabana Bed by the pool person – there is something for everyone, and that is really what makes it lovely. 

Resort Website: Paradisus La Perla (Adults Only)
My Travel Agent Katharine Lewis 
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La Perla shares 90% of the evening restaurants with La Esmerlada. To accommodate the La Perla guests who are coming for child-free relaxation, the restaurants have “child-free” times at dinner- which as you can imagine, are later a reservation seating. This was a lovely way for the two resorts to share the fine dinning experiences. 

BREAKFAST:  (Adults Only Restaurant)
Breakfast is a buffet style experience and yet it is the most upscale buffet that I have ever experienced at an All Inclusive. There is an identical buffet for La Esmerlada side where there are children. The hostess seats you, and you are immediately approached by your waiter, who gets you your juice, coffee, or water. The buffet is filled with fresh fruit, pastries, eggs, cereals – it really leaves even the pickiest of eaters happy. 

LUNCH  (Adults Only Restaurant)
Lovely options, I loved the Grill where I experienced a salad, which had melon, capers and Proscuitto. You could order off the menu, or help yourself at a smaller buffet of salads. There is the Sunset Grill by the pool, which was always quite busy. 

DINNER: Sharing the same restaurant as the Family side, however after a certain time at night, kids are not allowed in the dining facility. There is 1 restaurant that is adults only regardless of time, but we didn’t experience it. 
Oh the restaurants. They are amazing. It was the restaurant, BANA that was our favorite. Oh my goodness. It was divine. It was so divine that the last night, with no dinner reservations made, we asked the hostess if there was room and we managed to get a seating during the family seating times (which only made us miss our little ones that much more, but we were flying home the next night) 😉 


No girls trip is complete without a spa experience. Elizabeth and I were booked for an hour long massage at the onsite spa and it was so luxurious. From the moment you walk into the YHI Spa, you feel as though you’re in a world class spa. You’re guided to the change room where you get your own locker and are presented with a robe. We arrived close to when our services were booked, but you could arrive earlier and experience the water therapies outdoor (a private pool for Spa guests) and the Steam Room, Sauna, and hot and cold whirlpools. But we were guided upstairs to the waiting room, awaiting our masuess. We asked for a “Couples” massage, because really, it was so much fun experiencing these things with your girlfriend – but when we got in, I noticed teh rooms had private outdoor showers. Which I wasn’t really about to do with her in the room so if you’re going on a girls trip, maybe opt for your own room! 😉 After our massages we went back downstairs and changed into our bathingsuits and lounged by the private pool and sipped on detoxifying drinks and drifted off into naps. It was truly divine.