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The Backyard Studio Reveal

Many moons ago, we started building a backyard carport and studio in the back of our garden. This was the blog post that showed you the reveal of the outside space. It’s finally time to show you the inside.  When you open those double doors, you come in to…

It has been forever, but these things take time and although we have been using it throughout the winter and, up to now, the final piece of the project was completed recently (adding all the furniture and accessories). Real life projects take time (and money) and this wasn’t your “One Room Challenge” makeover.  Taking you back through the project – I chose to plank the with Metrie Shiplap (blogged about here) as I felt that it added some sturdiness to the room, and finished it off better than just drywall would. I wanted a cottage feeling, and shiplap gives you that feeling without being overly “decorated”. Behind the walls the space is insulated and in the winter, we have a space heater going which does a great job of keeping the tiny little space warm.

I added a dining room table from Structube and four gorgeous wishbone chairs from G-Furn. To soften up the backs a bit, since I sometimes have meetings back here, or entertain, I added four sheepskin throws / rugs from Ikea to the backs of the chairs. There are two Ikea cabinets in the back, painted white, that were used in my One of a Kind booth display, but here they act as storage for photography props for business, and in the other – games, crayons and paper for when kids come out here.

We use the space as a cottage in the city, we can often be found playing family games back here, or hanging out around the table doing our thing – Oscar playing on the iPad (the wifi reaches back here thanks to a booster in the house) and I on my laptop or sketching.

A fan above keeps the air moving and the bugs away from us, and the two chandeliers brighten up the space and don’t demand too much attention in the space. Everything works together to be a cohesive,chilled but finished space.

The flooring is tile, which was a last minute decision – originally we were going to go with a polished concrete look but it didn’t feel right once the walls started to go up and it started to come together as a polished room. The tile is AMAZING as dirt and snow gets on it and all I do is wipe it or brush it up.

Back to the studio to play some Trouble…

Chandeliers ………. Lowes (Only available online, not in store) or or
Fan ……….. Amazon, Wayfair, All Modern
……….. North Sheds
Walls – Metrie Shiplap (see post here), Painted in Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Table ………… Structube
Chairs ………. G*Furn
Artwork ……….. Minted (originally in our kitchen)
Lanterns outside ………… Artcraft
Outside Colour ……… Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
Door Handles …………. Emtek

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In My House/ Renovations

Elements of our backyard studio build

3687648592_6f005f2e9e_o-1The reveal of our garden makeover was shown here, as an added bonus to the reveal of our furniture from Lowe’s. But what I really want to address is the amount of detail that we really put into this project. So backtracking to the beginning, the project started because we were in desperate need of more space. Space for me to do photoshoots, space for some storage and, space for entertaining. We turned our attention to the garden, where we had space in which we could build a new structure. In November 2014 I wrote this post that showed some inspiration.
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In Updates

Protecting your outdoor furniture


I loved our Lowe’s outdoor set so much that I wanted to protect the cushions from rain, animal foot prints and the falling leaves from the willow tree (which I’ve notice, tends to stain fabrics.) When you have outdoor furniture – especially sets that have cushions, I’ve come to the realization it’s almost necessary to invest in covers.  If you have outdoor cushions, you may be familiar with the “rain run” – when it starts to rain and your cushions are out. Although it’s outdoor fabric, cushions do tend to soak up water. Making for soggy bums if you sit on them too soon.

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