New Business Adventure, Custom Products

Happy Friday. Oscar is at school, I’m finding time to write this entry from the gym so I’m not distracted by house chores or other work. Where to begin? I feel like when you haven’t seen a friend in forever you forget where you left off, and what stories you’ve shared. So forgive me if I’m repeating myself. Ok, so — let’s jump in. The business is growing!

Over the last 2 years I’ve purposefully changed the direction of The Penny Paper Co. (we celebrated 13 years!) to be wholesale and retail.  As the direction of the business changed and we’ve been working through highs and lows, I’ve been having a clearer vision of my company, how we operate, what we do, and how it should be organized.

In order to have better focus for the business I realized I needed to cut some things that weren’t helping, or growing the business. Sometimes business can get disorganized, and it’s necessary to evaluate what is and isn’t working, whether it be services, products or even people to grow.

One of the services that kind of hung around in the background, that people found via my Penny Paper Co. was reaching out for custom product. Company X would reach out and need custom product and we’d make it for them to either give to their staff, clients or sell as a private label. I never really advertised it. But it was a strong enough part of the business that when I was organizing the business, I knew that it needed to be cut because it didn’t fit The Penny Paper Co. brand because it wasn’t helping the retail side. But – instead of cutting it as a service, I wholeheartedly believed that it needed to live elsewhere, as a different company. Which is The MOQ Agency* A custom product provider. It’s awesome. And it has a great team behind it. I’m behind there, picking product to showcase, but it’s people behind the scenes helping clients and there are plans to bring on more to help. It’s so exciting!

The MOq Agency is run separate from The Penny Paper Co., it has different people running it but I’m still involved creatively, picking product to offer. It pulls from my knowledge and obsession with marrying amazing products with great design. Well curated, well branded, and well designed.

From totes, journals, to hoodies. It’s amazing. I’m obsessed that we get to play around with some of the coolest products on the market. The company has been growing on it’s own, better than it would have been hidden in The Penny Paper Co. brand. The site is still being tweaked, but it’s surviving and doing great.

SO! Reach out to my team if you’re ever looking for custom products just like you see me offering on The Penny Paper Co. They can help you out (and I’ll even pop in and help too). We can custom design something for you, or put your logo on awesome stuff.  Like our Gold Mugs? We can make those for you. Like our Totes? We can make those for you too.

So pop over to to see all of the custom products that they can customize for you, whether it’s client gifts, staff appreciation gifts, or even for your own private label for your store /brand.

*What’s the name mean? What does MOQ stand for? Well, if you’re getting a product made, say, mugs, you ask “What’s the MOQ on this”. Meaning, what’s the minimum order quantity. That’s the amount of product you need to order from a supplier, to be able to buy. In custom products, you’re typically buying 50 -100 items. The more you order, the less expensive it is.