Lindsay Stephenson x LOVEFRESH

I’m ridiculously excited to announce our newest collaboration – a collaboration with LoveFresh, Canada’s leader in natural products. The idea for collaborating with LoveFresh started as Stacey Davis, the founder of LoveFresh,and I talked over coffee –  about my son Oscar’s love of after bath time baby massage. I found that the ritual of bath time, followed by an evening massage – was both a bonding ritual for us – Mom and son, but also calmed him before bed due to the touch and also, the aromatic scents of aromatherapy. It was a perfect combination – my love affair with seeing the benefits of baby massage, bonding with your child, and the joys of aromatherapy – with Stacey’s knowledge of all natural body products, what scents are best, and how to make THE best products on the market. We combined our skills to come up with LoveFresh Baby, with my popular Mod Heart print on the packaging and on the inside, all of the goodness that LoveFresh is known for. Shop LoveFresh Baby online at and at retailers near you.