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Picking a Window Colour

Aubrey and I decided on Vinyl windows for our house (opposed to wood) What I didn’t realize is that vinyl windows come in a variety of colours apart from the standard white.

In terms of price, it jumps up in three ways when you start to consider colour (1) White is least expensive, (2) Picking a pre-made colour from the manufacturers paint deck is a minimal increase, and lastly (3) to do a custom colour is adding few hundred dollars just to do the colour matching. So we’ve chosen to do colour for the front but to keep our budget in check, we’re doing white windows in the back of the house. Additionally, we’re picking a colour from the manufacturers paint deck.

Vinylbuilt, who is making our windows offers these colour options and torn between two. Keep in mind that we’re going to (eventually) paint the yellow siding so I want to make sure we pick a colour that will work with some siding ideas we had.

I have my Benjamin Moore Paint decks out as I am trying to co-ordinate the window colour with the (undecided) new colour for our vinyl siding. I’m more comfortable with the lighter colour (left) as it means we can go with darker siding colours. But I am also drawn to the dark window. Ugh. So confused.

* True with any of our company recommendations, we stress that you should do price comparisons and research. Aubrey and I both would like to stress that if a company wants you to sign a contract on the spot, show them the door. No one should pressure you into signing something…ever.

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How to hide ugly windows

The more we’ve done to improve the outside of our house, I’m noticing more and more our ugly windows. Although I can’t help shield the ugliness from our neighbours, I have been able to shield the ugliness inside our house.

Stepping back a bit – some of you suggested I paint the frames of the windows on the outside. You see, it had crossed our minds to do that. However, it’s a huge job to paint; it has to be done in oil since they are outdoor & metal, and there is a lot of taping involved, taping off each window pane from the metal. I feel ill thinking of the job. We could hire out, but really, it’s a waste of money because I already want to rip these windows out and eventually we will, so any money spent now on a temporary fix is delaying doing the job properly.


Unfortunately, it’s obvious from the outside, but there are ways of decorating inside to hide them. Hello Venetian blinds. Relatively inexpensive, and if done properly, they are a saviour. The beauty of these was that when down, they hide completely the windows. But you can let light in by tilting the blinds, and yet you don’t have to see the window. When we bought, they were the most economical way to get privacy right away. So, you can see that these blinds have been our choice since day one.


We went with Levolor Blinds from Lowes and have been super happy with them. I’d love to be able to raise them up more in places like the Living Room and the nursery, but unfortunately the windows are so hideous that I don’t. We’ve had some people in to give us some quotes on replacing them – so if anyone has any recommendations on Toronto window suppliers we’d love to know!

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Domino effect…

So when I stained the Bear chairs, we thought “Hey, lets stain/paint the front stairs”. They were showing wear & tear and I was already in my grubby clothes, and we loved Inuckshuck as a colour (vey neutral, and no pink undertones)

(Above, the stairs)

Well, this then balooned into me repainting/staining the whole front of the deck (The deck itself is carpet, but the front of the deck is wood)

It wasn’t the best idea for me to do this after spending a few hours doing the chairs. I got frustrated, my hair fell into the bucket of paint, got it all over myself, I was dripping with sweat (it’s hot in Toronto) and I ended up getting gumpy, stormed inside, claimed I hated what I had done and vowed never to lift a paint brush again. Aubrey ended up taking the paint brush from me and finished the deck to salvage the deck, my sanity, and what was left of a perfectly pleasant afternoon. (Hey, we’re all allowed freakouts) I now like it. 😉

Below is the before – the deck is a neutral tone but with a definite pink undertone to it. (And for the record, I really dislike pink undertones in paint)


And below, is after.


A nice improvement. However, the improvements made our super-ugly yellow windows stand out that muh more and therefore inspired talk of the front of our house improvements. Here are some of the things we’d love to improve upon when it comes to the front of our house. Now, keep in mind, we’re not necessarily doing the improvements, but it’s always fun to design.


The list is not out of this world, but each improvement costs money so it will all have to be done in stages, if we do any at all. It’s hard to know where to put the funds – (ok, what funds? Let’s be honest – we just had a baby) Really, I’d love, love to do our windows.