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Wood Slices + Sanders

During the wedding planning for my brother’s wedding, one thing that the lovebirds knew that they wanted were slices of wood for their centerpiece. Unfortunately – finding slices of wood locally proved to be impossible. Although we found them on Etsy they were pretty expensive to ship to Canada. I kept racking my brain trying to figure out how we could do our own. It wasn’t until I was at our cottage – a few weeks before the wedding that it hit me – We have a TON of wood stumps on our property and all I needed was someone to slice them. (It seems obvious I know, but really it was the slicing part that was stumping* me)The “ah-ha” moment was the realization that a man who works at one of my favourite cottage antique spots always was wood working outside the shop, and it hit me that if anyone knew how to slice the stumps, he would. I decided to try my luck and see if he would be able to help me. And he said yes! He informed me all we needed was a chainsaw. Well, we needed a chainsaw and someone comfortable enough to use it. That’s where Andy came in.

Meet Andy. 🙂 A few bucks later, my car was full of slabs. But they were a little “rough” so I brought them home and proceeded to sand them.

I have a little mouse sander but it wasn’t working as much as I’d like it on these. The Home Depot heard I was doing this project back in September and sent me this awesome gadget….

A Ridgid Heavy Duty Belt Sander. Whoooooo!!! If there is one thing I love as much as I love vacuums it is power tools that I can use like power sanders. If you don’t have one in your home then I highly, highly recommend one. Although the mouse would likely be the most used in most DIY toolboxes this belt sander is pretty awesome for heavy duty sanding. Although I’m showing it in use for this wedding craft – I actually got more use out of it in some other projects I’m working on – which are coming up. But back to the wedding crafting for this post….

The sander arrived when my brother was there – so we actually got to do this project together which was pretty darn fun. (Although my brother looks pretty grumpy, but I assure you he was happy). It was ridiculously easy to use. The cool thing with this sander is that it has a bag on the end to collect the sawdust – a great plus if you’re doing something indoors (which I did do later, and although it doesn’t suck up ALL the dust, it’s pretty significant how much it does)The thing that I discovered was that the belt sander was actually too powerful for the little slabs of wood that I initially wanted to use it for. It kept throwing the slabs at me because the rotary part means that the sandpaper well, rotates vs. staying in one place. Even though it kept chucking the wood slices at me (cue a few screams from me, and hysterical laughter of those watching) it worked really well on planks (you can see me sanding a plank above). So if you’re sanding small items, stick with a mouse. Bigger items like planks of wood or big furniture pieces – the belt sander is sooooo much fun.

With the leftover slices that weren’t even enough for resting a vase on – I painted chalk board paint on them to be used throughout the wedding venue to write things on. 🙂


It was pretty darn cute. Ps., Oscar snuck into the picture above.

The birch wood slices sanded the easiest. So if you’re hunting some piles of wood – go for the birch. :)In terms of sanders, the mouse still is my favourite but this Belt Sander is a welcomed addition to my DIY toolbox for bigger projects. 🙂 You should also check out this pretty helpful page: Sander Buying Guide Belt Sander…….Ridgid Heavy-Duty Belt Sander via The Home Depot
Wood Tree Stumps ………. My cottage. 🙂
Wood Cutting ……………. A friendly neighbour at the cottage, Andy
Mouse Sander …………… My own, but you can get it at The Home DepotThe Home Depot provided me with the rotary sander to help me accomplish this project. Thank you!!*Pun Intended. 🙂

Update, check out this post on what else you can do with your wood slices!


wood slice tic tac toe

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wedding weekend

This weekend my little brother Peter got married. It the most beautiful wedding. Peter looked dashing in his kilt in our family tartan and Lindsay looked stunning in a flowy strapless dress. She wore her family’s wedding veil that both her Mother and Grandmother had worn at their weddings.

These two make me smile.

Below is the DIY sandwich board that I made and it was a success!

The wedding was truly Lindsay and Peter’s vision but I was super excited to be able to help out in certain areas when asked – like the invitations and doing some DIY things for the decor. I got to design their seating chart so I carried the theme of their invitations (which I haven’t shown on the blog yet) The invitations had a birch background so I designed the seating to be the same. I printed it on a foam core board and it was propped up for when guests entered the dining hall. As much as I love creative ways for seating charts, part of me thinks that simplicity is the best for this – so that every guest (like Grandmas and Grandpas) can find out where they are sitting.

Linds was amazing with her vision and chose to do simple mason jars wrapped in a lace propped up on wood slices that I had cut out in cottage country and sanded (which I will show how I did that later in another post)

Smore kits for the bonfire after the wedding.

Aubrey and I took a lot of selfies. The weekend was so much fun that I kept wanting to take pictures of ourselves to document each moment. Not sure why I’m doing the face in the right but I think I was trying to do a sexy pose and it obviously failed which is likely why Aubrey is cracking up. I threw in the selfie in on the left that I took in the ladies room at the resort because it shows me ensemble – I wore my favourite Banana Republic wrap dress, pearl earrings and this bracelet from Etsy. I’m a fan of simplicity and although I originally intended to wear this necklace, I didn’t want to stand out too much in family photos. So I chose to be more discrete.

My Mom did an amazing speech that would have made my Dad so proud. It made me proud. She looked stunning, as did all of Lindsay’s family. (Who, by the way, are ridiculously awesome) My sister looked beautiful and Aubrey was an amazing partner, watching Oscar all weekend so I could visit with family. My little brother is married and I’m so lucky to have another sister in my life.


chalkboard sandwich board

My brothers wedding is fast approaching. Yippeee!  It’s going to be a weekend event at a lakeside resort -The couple is outdoorsy so it is no surprise that they are gravitating to wood and rustic decor for the event. We’ve been collecting ideas on Etsy over the past year and one thing that they wanted was a chalkboard sandwich board. You can write the days itinerary, welcome guests, or give directions to where certain activities are. I’m always up for a craft project so Aubrey helped me make one. If it survives the wedding  I’ll likely reuse it for some Christmas shows I’m taking part in for my shop. Anyhow, it is SUPER easy to make. So whether you want one for your wedding, trade show, or even for kids to draw on – here is how to.

Get two boards from Home Depot. They were pre-cut to this size so no waiting in line at the cutting tool. Get a pack of hinges. Screw the two boards together. Aubrey used glue to reinforce the hinges as it was going to be transported to the resort. But you could skip this step.

Once screwed together I started to stain… I used Minwax stain in Special Walnut (No. 224) . You can’t go wrong with Walnut. I simply applied the stain with a brush and I did one coat. I wanted to make sure that the wood grain showed since I was going for an outdoorsy look.

Once dried, I taped with tape a border of where I wanted to paint chalk. (Not shown) I didn’t paint over the tape because I was worried it may bleed through the tape – so I used it as a guideline for where I would stop painting. Both sides are painted…..

That’s it! Again, ridiculously easy so I don’t even think I needed to post instructions but it turned out so well that anyone can do it. 🙂