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bits + pieces (Valentine’s Day Edition)

I did some baking but it wasn’t without help. I used the pre-made gingerbread dough from Ikea. And, when I went to make the icing I realized I had no red food colouring (which I’ve heard isn’t awesome for you anyways) so I improvised and added a drop of beet juice to the frosting. And BAM! it worked!!!

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day tomorrow! xo Linds

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Kids DIY / Valentine’s Day Candle Holders

Looking for some last minute Valentine’s decor ideas? If you live near a dollar store, run over there and grab the following things to make some pretty ridiculously cute candle holders for Valentine’s Day. Plus, it makes a great craft to do with kids. Even I found it relaxing and fun. 

All of the items can be found at the dollar store

  • Glass Vase -Decorating Aisle
  • Pink tissue paper – Party Section
    (I ended up using two colours) I did buy three colours (shown below) but I found that two was enough because of the layering. 
  • White Glue – Craft Section
  • Water 
  • Foam Brush – Craft Section


  1. Pre-cut some strips of coloured tissue paper for the kids. I thought that they would rip the tissue paper but it wasn’t as easy to do as I had thought, so pre-cutting some pieces, or letting them try cutting their own, is preferable. 
  2. Mix a little bit of water with some white glue, so that the glue is a little less thick
  3. Apply some of your glue mixture to the glass, it needn’t be too thick. The thicker it is, I found that the tissue gets too saturated. 
  4. Apply the tissue paper over the glue, layering as you go along
  5. Let dry, place a candle in it and you’re done!

This project was inspired by Martha Stewart, who did something similar with crepe garland. And as much as I love her look I think for kids it’s a great deal of fun to go crazy with layering, and seeing how colours change. A tutorial for her project couldn’t be found, but you can find the image on her website here: Martha Stewart 

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Valentine’s Day Roundup

Raccoon Valentine’s Day Card / Gold XOXO / Mod Heart Art Print / Thatch & Thistle Supply Co. Pink Bags / Perfect Match, Match Set / Pink Jewelry DishBISOU BISOU BISOU Pink & Gold Pencils / Mini Iced Cookies / Striped Candles

Pehr Ombre Heart Basket / Everyday I Love You Mug / Valentine’s Day Cards / Hug Machine Book / Love Poems / Blush Kate Spade Vase / Purrrrfect Plate /

I love, love, love Valentine’s Day stuff. I’m already making valentine’s treat bags for Oscar’s class, and squealing like a little kid walking through the Dollar Store Holiday aisles (which, were loading up with Valentine’s Day stuff right after Christmas – which was random, but never the less….) I go CRAZY for this day. So this post is dedicated to the ridiculously fun stuff on the market for this season. Enjoy!