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Ikea NYMÅNE lights

I bought some IKEA NYMÅNE lights for the TV Room. They are PERFECT. They blend in, are minimal and they didn’t need to be hardwired. Oh, and they’re under $20 each. My only gripe is that the on/off switch on each cord sits high. I think the only solution (if you find that it bothers you) would be to have them rewired to remove that chunky switch….which I may do, but right now I can live with it.

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TV Room Before & After

TV RoomTV Room 2 TV Room 3 TV Room 4 TV Room 5 TV Room 6

Our TV room is done! The first photo is the before (when we bought the house) and the after is as of a few days ago. The gorgeous linen romans from Tonic Living have been installed and I am thrilled with how they turned out and they definitely add a warmth to this room, that the space desperately needed.

A lot has been done to improve this room since 2008 when we moved in. But the last pieces of the puzzle were done over the last few months – new romans, a new carpet and some greenery. The romans are worth elaborating on as they are definitely the thread that pulls everything together for me – As I mentioned in my intro – they add a warmth that this room desperately needed. The fabric and the fabrication are from Tonic Living. 

I knew that I didn’t want a fabric that would cut out light entirely when they were down, instead I wanted a fabric that just diffused the light. I picked Tuscany Linen, Oatmeal Slub.  They are also lined in a white cotton fabric, that was pretty standard I think – Tonic knew what I wanted so advised on the best one so I just trusted them.

The number of windows in this room, not including the door is five. And each window was a different size than the next. A bold patterned fabric would have likely been too busy and drawn attention to the different sized windows – so choosing a natural fabric, although my taste to begin with, was carefully considered because of the odd shaped windows.

One thing that is worth noting is that the romans have a manual pull, meaning you have to manually wrap around the cord to a hook on the wall, to secure the drapes from unraveling down – whereas some companies (mass produced romans) have mechanical stops that make it easier to adjust. I was worried that this may be annoying but I’m pleased that it’s actually really easy to get the blinds to adjust to the same level as the others. The blinds go up and down occasionally twice a day. At night when we’re watching TV and in the morning they come up so we have bright beautiful sunlight.

I’m in LOVE with them. I highly recommend Tonic for fabrication and I absolutely adore the fabric too. There are other little elements that came in to make the room feel done.

A rug: An awkwardly shaped room I thought a custom rug was our only solution. But that wasn’t in our budget so I put in an Ikea Havbro wool rug that is really too long for the room but you wouldn’t know because I’ve hidden the majority of it under the couch. Totally works.  Side Table: I’ve moved my favourite table – my Duncan Phyfe games table that I bought in Craigslist, from the upstairs hall to beside the couch in this room. It adds a little more warmth. It’s possible from a design perspective it’s too tall but it’s staying where it is. A lamp from HomeSense, my DIY Concrete Planter, and a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree that sits in a new HomeSense basket – all make this room warm yet uncluttered. Aubrey and I watch TV in here every night and the leather couch makes it a stress free room for me with Oscar. He eats on this couch, and we just wipe it clean.

I’d love to add an ottoman in here but it has been tricky to find the perfect one in our budget. So the hunt continues. Anyhow, it’s not a grand room but it’s potentially now one of my favourite spots in the house because of how cozy it is at night and cheery in the day. I do love it!

Shopping Guide:
Wall Colour …………… Cloud White, Benjamin Moore
New Windows ………… Fieldstone Windows
Roman Blind Fabric ………………. Oatmeal Slub Linen via Tonic Living
Roman Blind Sewing/ Fabrication ……………… Tonic Living
Leather Couch …………………… Verona by Barrymore Furniture
Duncan Phyfe Games Table ………… Craigslist
Glass Lamp ………………… HomeSense (2011)
Concrete Planter ………………. I made it. 
Picture of Oscar ……………….. Tynan Studio
Frame (Picture of Oscar) ……… Ikea
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree …………….. Ikea
Basket for Tree ……………………. HomeSense (April, 2013)
New Glass Door ………………….. Lowes, Aubrey installed
Rug  ………………………. Ikea

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the evolution of our tv room

Super boring post coming up. But if you’re into seeing ugly “before” pictures then this may be the post for you. I’ve made it a priority to address the TV room this winter.  Having a “TV room” on the main floor, separate from the rest of the house is amazing. Although it’s such a huge bonus to have, it’s terribly awkward room to decorate.  Considering 50% of the room is windows, a window pass through and doorway makes it hard for furniture placement. I’ve decorated in stages – and not invested too much in pieces – which has meant the room has never really felt truly done.  Above is how we got the room when we purchased it. It was used as a office perhaps? Or maybe a mud room? Not too sure. The rest of this post shows you what we’ve done each year to bring it to where we are today…

New wood floors being installed, not yet stained. “Window” to dining room.
Ugly windows (not not energy efficient) are all different sizes. We couldn’t afford to replace when we bought so we hid them with blinds.

The TV room is part of an addition to our house that was done prior to us buying it. It was done pretty strangely, so a lot of what we had to do over the upcoming years was fixing weird design decisions. So here is what we did each year….

In 2008 when we bought the house we tore out the carpeting and installed real hardwood floors, which made this extension feel less like an after thought/addition, and more a part of the main house. Above in the “before” pictures you can see a cut out in the left hand wall. We filled in that cut out that looked through to the eat in kitchen. This is now where our refrigerator is – even back then we knew that by closing in that small window, it allowed for more use of the wall on the other side. We also painted the room.

In 2009 we replaced the back door with a full glass door. We saved a ton of money installing this door ourselves, but it wasn’t without some stress. The top photo shows Aubrey late at night trying to level the door. By this point I had installed some blinds – which we had throughout the house to hide the ugly windows. Although they weren’t gorgeous, they were economical and did the trick.

Between 2009 and 2011 nothing happened to this room other than playing around with an Ikea Rug, adding some hanging drapes between the blinds to soften things up. But because the ceiling is so close to the top of the windows, we couldn’t install a bar. So these years we just “made do” with what we had. The room looked “ok” but didn’t really work very well.2012 Ken from Fieldstone Windows replaced every window in this room with new. It made such a difference. The windows are gorgeous and I loved them SO much I refused to put up the old blinds again. But we ran into a problem.

The windows look right in at our neighbours, who use their backdoor a lot. And although I love our windows, I found myself crawling along the floor if I was in my bathrobe to get something I forgot from this room. Although we LOVE our windows, the lack of privacy was, well, awkward. I really don’t know how people live in uber modern glass houses with tons of windows. You really can’t slouch around on days you don’t feel like getting dressed.So that brings us up to speed. Plans for this room are a new carpet (I ruined my old one by using Oxyclean on it – which bleached it) – switching out that side table for something heavier and less “sun room” like and the biggest expense will be adding some romans blinds. Budget is low, so we’re trying to reuse some things from around the house. I visited Tonic Living so I’ll post that next to show you some fabric samples I’m thinking of for the windows.

xo Linds