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it’s beginning to feel a lot like ….

Christmas! Yippppeeeee!!

Oscar had to get some shots today. Our doctors office is right downtown and walking distance to the Bay / Bloor Indigo, so it has become a tradition that after shots he gets to pick out a new toy at Indigo. Today we walked in and I was hit with the overwhelming feeling of excitement for the holiday season. I love, love when stores decorate, and do it well, for the season. Decorations were everywhere and I couldn’t stop snapping photos. Here are some shots from the visit today. I’m so picking up some of those Santa Mugs for Christmas Eve!

Oh, and of course I went to see if they had any of my prints in the store. Which they did. And of course I flipped. :) 

Oh, and of course I went to see if they had any of my prints in the store. Which they did. And of course I flipped. 🙂 

If you’d a video example of how I feel about Christmas ….

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vacation in your own city

download (9) download (10) download (11)Two nights ago Aubrey and I packed our bags and checked into the Fairmont Royal York for a night off in our own city. I did a similar “vacation” with my Mom close to a year ago – the two of us checked into our own rooms, and just relaxed at the hotel (I had meant to blog about it but totally forgot) Anyhow, with Oscar sleeping over with his Uncle Pete and my Mom, Aubrey and I just hung out together like we used to do pre-parenthood.  We walked up to the Eaton Centre and popped into Chapter’s and I picked up two books I had been interested in, and we walked back to the hotel and sat in the Gold Floor lounge and read our books uninterrupted and ate appetizers all night. No shows. No major event. Just quiet, sitting across from each other in a beautiful lounge. It was the best night ever.  The Gold Floor gives you access to private check in, and a lounge that serves coffee, tea, appetizers and desserts – and in the morning, a beautiful buffet of breakfast. All I wanted to do was to sit in the lounge all night and read a book. And that is just what we did. Aubrey and I slept in until 9:30 in the morning. Heaven. When we were going to pick up Oscar from my Mom’s house later on that afternoon we remarked how it was crazy how we felt like we had been away on a vacation – but we were in our own city. I can’t recommend this kind of vacation enough. Just pick a hotel that has amenities that makes it feel luxurious for a night – I’m sure lots of hotels in the city are divine and perhaps we’ll explore others in years to come. But I adore this hotel and really do recommend buying a new book, sitting in the lounge and doing absolutely nothing.

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Here fishy, fishy, fishy…..

I played hooky from work yesterday afternoon – I had products in production and nothing waiting my immediate response – so we scooted over to the new aquarium here in Toronto. I’ve been excited for this to open ever since I saw it being built. I am fascinated with underwater creatures – I could go weekly and find new things to stare at. Unfortunately it is a wee bit expensive – It cost almost $90 for Aubrey, Oscar and I to go – but by the end of the visit I had even Aubrey (who is pretty skeptical of things) raving about how well they did and how worth it the visit was. Oscar was in heaven, and loved seeing animals he had only seen in books up close.

There is a portion of the exhibit that you go through an underwater tunnel that is where you see the sharks. The genius part of this is that 1/2 of the floor is moving. Very slowly moving, but moving none the less, which means that traffic in this tunnel doesn’t build up and you get to have a look without people standing in one space blocking traffic. If you want to stop and look at something you hop off the moving floor and step to the side. I was flipping out the entire time seeing sharks, Oscar on the other hand was more enthralled with the moving floor (See above) I think that was a pretty big deal for him. 😉 (That’s Aubrey trying to tell Oscar to look up at the fish)

The last time that I was at an Aquarium was in Chicago on a Grade 8 trip and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. We’re thinking of taking a trip to Chicago one of these days and go back, but now it’s nice to have our own aquarium in the city.

Anyhow, it was such a nice visit for all three of us that I thought I’d post some of our family photos.

xo Lindsay

Ps., All of this being said, I’m a little fence about how I feel about aquariums and zoos. (I’m 90% pro for them, 10% unsure) I feel a little uneasy sometimes thinking of animals in captivity but on the other hand, selfishly it’s amazing to expose Oscar (and myself) to learning more about animals and seeing them up close.

P.Ps., For those that don’t get the title of this post – watch this. I often say this while lying on the dock looking at fishes and maybe said this with my nose against the glass yesterday. (You can skip to 1:15 for the exact reference)