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Photography Series | Part 3, Using Wrapping Paper for backdrops

So far I’ve written two other posts on some of my photography tricks – Part 1 | Learning from Successful Retailers  and Part 2 | Custom backdrops for under $10. Seriously folks, this is what I go bananas for. On to this posts topic – it’s a little shorter, but still pretty fun. Wrapping paper. Wheeee! Wrapping paper is a  great backdrop for photos. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t take up a lot of room or storage.I picked up this roll from Party City  for a few dollars but you can find great patterns on Etsy. If you see a colour or, pattern on sale in your travels, grab a roll. It’s great to have a bunch on hand. You never know when you may come to need a certain colour. 

In terms of creativity, consider colour pallets that work well together. Getting nerdy for a moment. Remember your intro to art in school and where they talked about the colour wheel and, complimentary colours? Where the opposite colours on the wheel is naturally the complimentary colour? It actually goes further than that –

 there are Analogous colour patterns, Triad patterns and more?

There is some science to why colours work well together. Which is why pink and yellow, as I’ve shown above – really look pretty spectacular. Not that you need to pull out your colour wheel every time you want to create a photoshoot, but it’s just interesting that certain colours just work really well together.

This is a great page over on Adobe. 

If you want patterns, I would think that the smaller the pattern the better if you’re shooting something straight on, so not to distract from the product you’re shooting.  I shoot primarily small things, but if you were

shooting kids – wrapping paper does make an inexpensive backdrop!

Take this gorgeous pink striped paper that I picked up – and I put my favourite pink teacup with it. I’m showing this because I don’t think it’s actually working. The stripes are competing with the cup.


if I layered more in the photo – a napkin, a cookie, and maybe some tea in the cup then it could work. But overall it’s truthfully not my favourite look. I much prefer the solid colour paper. You also have to be a little weary of the sheen of paper, because really you don’t want it to l

ook like you’re using wrapping paper.

The key is to create a nice backdrop for what you want to showcase. Which again is why the solid colours likely are better. 

Hopefully some of these posts will give even the most newbie photographer some confidence in trying out some new things. And grab that roll of wrapping paper when it’s on sale, because it may be the ticket to a great shot down the road. 

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the penny paper co. // holiday 2014 mood board


Don’t freak out. I know Halloween was just this past Friday, and Costco has had Christmas stuff in their aisles since August. I’m personally pretty cautious at when I start getting into the Holiday mode, for fear that once Christmas comes, I’ll be sick of it. And who wants to be feeling that way on the 25th? Not I. But the other side of me is a retailer and I have to start thinking about the Holiday Season in the Summer. You get press kits together, you send them out for hopes that a magazine will feature your wares. And for the first time in 10 years, I didn’t do it this Summer. It was so weird! I took a year off, I didn’t freak out. Instead, I enjoyed my time at the cottage with Oscar and focused on my retailers and my art line. Even though I didn’t get out my yearly press kits, I still have to prep my shop – and so, on the heels of the last two Photography posts, I thought I’d share with you my Holiday 2014 mood board for the shop that I finished photographing and editing.

It’s a totally different look and feel from last years mood board (below) which I still love, love, love. But sometimes it’s fun to shake things up a little. I’m still ridiculously proud of the shots below.

I have such a ridiculous amount of fun putting together the “mood board” for the season. I just felt inspired to do reds, pinks, blues and greens. Anyhow, as always, just some inspiration for you, for your Holiday season. (That isn’t here yet, I totally get, but will be in a few short weeks)

xo Linds

Gift Wrap Ideas via The Penny Paper Co. (See more here)
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