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full wall of tile

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I’m not holding back “reveal” photos of our kitchen on purpose … we’re really still working away on it! ūüôā So I’ll keep blogging¬†showing you the steps that we’re taking to really make our big box store kitchen look custom. For example…we’re tiling an entire wall in white subway tile. I was a little nervouse taking the leap to do this but I’m really glad we did as it shows off our tall ceilings and really adds great detailing. It reflects light, and makes this once dark corner sparkle. Can’t wait to show you the “after”!! Eeek!Ps., Looking for some inspirational “wall of tile” pins from Pinterest? Check out this, this (although it’s a bathroom)¬†This photo from The Home Depot “Dream Book” was inspirational too.

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3 counter alternatives to Carrara Marble

alternative to carerra marble
This is my last post on counters until we get something installed. Here is where we are – we’ve narrowed down our counter styles to three.¬† Cambria in Torquay , Caesarstone in Misty Carrera¬† and last but not least, Corian Rain Cloud. Each of the¬†three options¬†gives me the look of Carrera Marble, but without the upkeep or stress of etching/staining that it comes with.

Although this is my last post on counters,¬†our decision isn’t finalized.¬†Truthfully,¬†Aubrey actually loves one, and I another. Even though we haven’t decided on which one, it will be one of the three above.¬†I thought that¬†if you are looking for a counter that looks like Carrera Marble, but without the upkeep of Carrera marble, you’ll like to see these three styles together. ¬†So getting specific, I will say that each of these samples are fantastic. If any of them were in my house right now, I’d be in heaven. But we just need to pick something that is right for our house, our style, and, budget. Here are some of our loves & concerns…

The Cambria Torquay was our first pick for counters in the beginning. I love the feeling of the counter. It feels substantical and looks gorgeous. My concern with this sample is that it’s a little “white” and may pose a problem with our “off white” cabinets from Ikea. The veining is a little less natural perhaps?
Cost: I’m not sure of the cost but I know it is not inexpensive.

The Caesarstone in Misty Carrera is gorgous, and feels like stone. Hard, and cold and I love that. I’ve seen gorgeous examples of it online, and some larger slabs in person. Now, the problem for me is that¬†when I visited one showroom (Ciot) here in Toronto, I saw a big display unit made out of the Misty Carrera and it was a LOT darker than the sample. I was really thrown by that. I’m going to try to get a larger sample in, to see what I may be missing. The major concern is the varying colours.
Cost: The fabricator down the street quoted me $60.00 a square foot (approx) for installation, making it one of the more expensive options.

The Corian Rain Cloud was a game changer at the last minute. I think it helped that I saw it done in a setting like the restaurant to give me a really good idea of how it would look. And I was smitten. That being said I have a huge¬†concern is that it’s a lot softer of a counter than the other two. It actually feels different to the touch. The veining in this option is gorgeous, and Aubrey thinks this one looks the most like marble, and I’m stuck on the “feel” of the counter. The other pro to Corian is that you can order it somewhere like Home Depot or Costco, which makes for an easy process as a busy Mom.
Cost: Cost wise, it’s also the most cost effective. Home Depot priced it at $100 Linear Foot. So for the 19 linear feet we need it would be under $2,000.

There you go! Three options I think are worthy of consideration if you like Carerra marble but don’t want the upkeep.

xo Linds

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Kitchen Counter Top – Cambria Quartz

countertop 1 countertop 2
I think it’s safe to say that I’m not going with the marble for the kitchen. Although it is the look I want, I’m not prepared for the maintenance (or the worry).¬†¬†The decision has been easy thanks to helpful e-mails from you, showing me your counters ….¬†I’m seeing that I can get the look of carerra with other materials like Quartz, or Granite.

Which brings me to the photos above. I ordered a 12×12 sample of the Cambria Quartz Torquay on the weekend, and just a few days later it was on my doorstep. It¬†cost me around $50 to get this sample to my door but it was totally worth it – Between juggling Oscar, my business, and, well – having a life – I decided to just get the biggest sample that they had, and see it in our house. I really, really like it.¬†So this counter is in the running – the only concern I have is that it¬†falls slightly on the modern side.¬†¬†Some other counter styles are being shipped to me by other manufacturers so I’ll show you those when they arrive. xo Linds