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Oscar, like most kids his age, says the most interesting, hilarious, insightful, innocent and on occasion, embarrassing things. I sometimes lie in bed and crack up telling Aubrey about them at the end of the day. Other days, they make me tear up. As a little project for myself I’m going to do quick sketches of what he occasionally says. I think it will be an interesting way of remembering what he says but also, more importantly for me, a nice reminder of how he views the world. Because they do grow and change rather quickly. And his innocence and views are really heartwarming for me.

A few days ago while driving, Oscar asked me from the back seat “Mommy, how does Grandpa come down from Heaven?” Caught off guard, I responded with “Ummmm.” I sputtered and mumbled thought and had no idea how to respond. I mean, come down from heaven? He wanted to know how he came down??

I finally said “Well, Oscar, I don’t know how he comes down.” Thoughts were running through my head as to how to respond, how to explain that he doesn’t really come down, but how would I say that? Anyhow, there was a short pause and Oscar spoke up again from the back seat and said very matter of factly…. “Maybe he uses a ladder.” And obviously I responded. “Yes. Maybe he uses a ladder.” Conversation done. Great parenting right there for you. Suggestions welcomed on how to deal with this kind of conversation – Obviously, I need all the help I can get.

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captured at 4am

Every night after midnight, we hear the quick footsteps running from across the hall. And then my sweet little one quickly climbs into bed beside me, pulls the covers up to his neck and falls back asleep as if he had never sprinted from one room to the next. We snuggle every. single. night. I am forever grateful that Aubrey documented how much room I get in the bed, when he snapped the above picture it at 4am before going into work. We gave up on the crib early on when Oscar was a baby, and we always co-slept. Now, he falls asleep in his own bed in his room – and sleeps soundly until late at night, when it’s just habit to crawl into bed with me. I pick my battles, and having him sleep in his own bed isn’t one of them. 🙂