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Chalk Art Photo Project

I saw this idea to create a sweet photo project using chalk a few weeks ago and recreated it for a project for Father’s Day. Pop over to the BLACK’s blog for how I did it!  It was really super simple and I’m kind of obsessed with BLACKS Large Format Prints. (Look how perfect it works in an Ikea Ribba Frame)

I’m in LOVE with this project. See it over here!


I added in the blue chalk background after the fact which is a really simple trick that involves 1 change in your photo editing program – a feature that most programs have. It’s to change the Opacity of your paintbrush from 100% (which would be full coverage) to less – I used 33% – which means the background still shows through. Also – if your program has it – pick a paintbrush that has some variations in the edging. 


This post is sponsored by BLACKS. 

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summer party loot bag idea

download (42) download (43)candy_good

I can’t take credit for this idea – my friend Julie did this loot bag for her son’s birthday party last Summer and I thought it was GENIUS. So genius that I copied it for Oscar’s birthday party this past Sunday. Shovels are from Target, and candy is from Bulk Barn. Making these loot bags were a great deal of fun. I put everything we needed to make the bags on the floor, put the candies in their own bowls and Oscar helped make the loot bags – counting out exact worms and frogs for each shovel and helping me tie the ribbon. It was a fun activity to do together and we talked about how we’d be giving them to people to say thank you for coming to his party!

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conversations with oscar / no. 2 / body parts

download (51)

Oscar, like most kids his age, says the most interesting, hilarious, insightful, innocent and on occasion, embarrassing things. I sometimes lie in bed and crack up telling Aubrey about them at the end of the day. Other days, they make me tear up. As a little project for myself I’m going to do quick sketches of what he occasionally says. I think it will be an interesting way of remembering what he says but also, more importantly for me, a nice reminder of how he views the world. Because they do grow and change rather quickly. And his innocence and views are really heartwarming for me.

Oscar was getting dressed and looked down at his chest and said …. “I have two nickles”. OMG. It took all I had not to burst out laughing at how ridiculously cute I thought this was. I just hugged him. And we now just call them nickles. It’s way cuter.