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The Nursery


It’s a quiet Sunday. Aubrey is at work, Oscar is napping beside me. There is a blanket of snow outside, and beautiful light shining through the windows. As I walked upstairs today with Oscar, I thought to myself, that I really, really love his room. And seeing this room as you walk up the stairs is a perfect scene.

In My Home Tour

Nursery, Final Reveal

What we used to call the Nursery is now officially Oscar’s Room. Although little elements will be added over time, we can pretty much say that this room is finished. And so a final reveal is in order.A little background…

We knew all along that we were having a boy, but even so, designing a room for a little boy I found difficult. I was never drawn to trucks and airplanes, dinosaurs or ducks and lambs. A true nursery theme wasnt my style and yet I didnt want a grown up bedroom. All of the things I knew I didnt want, and yet I found it hard to find inspiration for what I *did*. The turning point was buying a few key pieces that I loved, that brought the room together; First, it was the huge Giraffe that my Mom gave Oscar, followed by the Lion Art Print above the crib and the Sharon Montrose Photographs that solidified the animal consistency.

oscars bedroom 1
This is the South Side of the Room…And this is the North…

blog_headboardThe daybed is one of our favouite elements to the room. We turned a simple Ikea bedframe sideways and created headboard (DIY project here) making it a cozy reading area, and nighttime snooze spot for one of us.

Here are some of our other favourite elemets to the room

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Above, The dresser we found beat up in a local store. Originally it was going to be a dresser with a lamp, but it quickly became a change table. Stanley the Giraffe looks over Oscar as he change him, and now Oscar knows Stanley by name and pets him on the nose after being changed. And above the changetable are our favourite pieces, the Sharon Montrose Photos that we framed in Ikea Frames.

birdyOne of my favourite little elements is the birdy that looks over Oscar as he sleeps. When I was readmitted to the hospital after delivery, I was pretty upset and stressed at the hospital. With a new baby, nervous and not sure what was going on, Aubrey brought me this little bird at the Hospital gift shop. It instantly made me smile, and has a special place now in Oscars room.


Sarahs work is enjoyed by Oscar as he lies in bed.

And most importantly, Oscar loves his room. 😉 We have great fun in in, and hopefully it will be a place where he feels warm, safe, and loved, like throughout the rest of the house.

To remind you, here is what the room was like when we bought it

Sources for the Room, South Side
Jenny Lind Crib – Dear-Born Baby
Rena Glider – Dear-Born Baby
Dresser, Change Table – Bronze
Dresser Knobs – Lee Valley
Giraffe – Mastermind Toys
Animal Photographs above Dresser – Sharon Montrose
Lion Artwork above Crib, Take me for a walk – Sarah Jane
Bunting Flag Above Crib – Free, Designed myself (Click here for your own)
Monkey in Crib – Manhattan Toys (retired toy)
Drapes – Tonic Living
Sources for the Room, North SideQuilt on DayBed –

Headboard – DIY but with Fabric from InVU
Pillows – Custom. Sewing by MacFab, Fabric from Designer Fabric
Bunny on Bed – MastermindToys
Carpet – Alexanian Carpet
Wall Colour – Cloud White by Benjamin Moore
4 Light Drum Chandelier –
Manor 3377 Yonge Street, Toronto (Manfactured by Remington Lighting)


DIY Headboard for Oscar

This side of the room needed something to cozy it up and I was inspired to do a headboard for this little Day Bed we’ve created. It makes this nook of the room a cozy spot to curl up with a book, and for a place for me to crash some nights.



Mr. Bunny was a purchase made for Oscar from my Mom on his first trip to the toy store.


Three big 24″ pillows are on each side of the bed making it couch like. I had 2 pillows in new fabric made, in a green ticking fabric & a soft baby blue velvet. MacFab here in Toronto did the sewing. The linen pillows were floating around our house (my Mom made them for me)

You can also see the white quilt I bought for the bed from Winners. It’s actually a Queen sized quilt with the extra quilting tucked behind the bed. It’s nice that it is so big as it’s great for curling up with.

Next up, bed skirt in some linen fabric I have. (DIY Instructions to follow)

So awesome how a simple headboard project can make a spot feel so much nicer! (Above, Before & After)

In Updates

Looking for love in all the wrong places….

For long time readers, you will know that I have debated what to do on this area of the nursery since day 1 that we announced our pregnancy. And, since then, we have yet to find a nice solution for the massive wall of white.


As you can see above, I originally thought green strip pillows would be my jumping off point, but they proved to be hard element to design around. Seriously, I was having the worst luck at picking ANYTHING while pregnant. (The pillows, as you can see in the right hand picture, have since been removed)

I am happy to note that I have now found a solution!!

I was flipping through House and Home Magazine a few weeks ago while lounging at the cottage when I came across Arren Williams fantastic house makeover. I had seen progress on his blog, loved his work, and love watching his segments on CityLine. And although I had seen this picture (below) before, it was while at the cottage, when I was in desperate need of help for Oscars room, that this picture proved to be the winner in my look for love.

Photo Via Arren Williams, Source Here Photo by Angus Fergusson

He has a HUGE upholstered headboard – and it clicked..THIS is what we were going to do in Oscars room.

For months I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places – trying to make this area work by trying to source the perfect duvet (wasn’t having ANY luck) trying to find the perfect accent pillows (but what to match it with if I couldn’t find a duvet!??) and then maybe I thought it was art that I needed to create (oh, the art blocks that I have been having). Nothing was working and I was getting increasingly irritated with myself that I couldn’t figure it out.

It was seeing Arrens room when the design dilema was solved. Even though his room is far from the look of Oscars, it was seeing an out of the ordinary large headboard in a fun fabric, that it clicked. All along I kept calling this area a “couch/seating area” and what better than to make an upholstered back, much like a couch.

To give you an idea – here is the starting plan that I went with….


I have a few final details to put on it – so a reveal is coming within the next week. I’m actually really delighted with how it turned out, and I love how his room is coming together!

In Updates

Nursery Standstill

Even though Oscar has joined us, the nursery isn’t done. I mean, it’s “done” in normal person terms, but you know us types, the ones that want to make a room “just right”. (Yes, the term “neurotic” comes to mind)

For some reason I’ve found it hard to finish this room. Maybe it’s because we’re on a budget and doing things in stages, maybe it’s because I don’t really have a good frame of refrence for the design of this room. You see, all along I’ve known we were having a boy, but I’ve wanted to stay very much clear of “boy” themed rooms or rooms that were too babyish. I wanted to make this a happy place for Oscar to be as he grew up.


Certain areas of the room are amazing + complete. Our bookshelves (Left hand picture) that Aubrey made me are slowly getting filled up with amazing books that we’ve been gifted and I’ve inherited from my Mom. And the crib area (right picture) is awesome. Love it. I’m not adding bumpers, not adding crib skirts. I adore the art above the crib and I’m leaving this area as is.

So, where are the issues in the room?

(1) Drapes
As I previously blogged about, we got Ikea curtains. We’re revisiting this. We’re likely going to have custom curtains made and pass off the Ikea ones to family members – the Ikea curtains are letting in too much light, and I don’t have the energy to add blackout lining to them. I’m pooped. I’m just picking the fabric and we’ll bite the bullet and get them done right, so I stop talking about them.

(2) Bed Area
The is the area that I consider the problem biggest area in the room.


The single bed/couch -This area is driving me bananas. First of all, the bed is used ALL of the time, so the bed is staying. (But it would be so much easier to just take it out.) Secondly, the wall is painfully bare.

Here is my thought process…

  • I think I need to find a duvet cover for this bed as my jumping off point, and then make big pillows to match. I’m hunting in my spare time to find the perfect single duvet, with some nice colour to ground this area of the room.
  • Art above the bed – I’ll probably figure this out after the duvet is picked, and I’ll design something to match.

The funny thing is, is that all of this fretting on my part is silly because Oscar is OUR bedroom, sleeping beside me in the King sized bed every night!

(Good morning! Oscar enjoying the King Size Bed, not realizing the room across the hall is his)

So, I’m now trying to find a duvet or quilt for this bed. Suggestions on a duvet are welcomed, or any inspirational pictures? I’ve been eyeing Serena & Lily (this, this, this or maybe this quilt?) Problem is, they are pretty pricey. So you can see, my ideas haven’t yet been clearly narrowed down, which is the biggest problem. 😉