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Nursery Progress

Some little updates in the little ones room. It’s far from finished but it’s definitely taking on a design direction as layers of items are being added. As you can probably tell, I’m not a huge duck, bunnies and lambs kind of person. Little bits here and there I’m totally for, but fabric wise, I’m more content with bolder prints and solid colours.


We added a dark brown coverlet from Ikea to make the bed a little more of a focal point. The white sheets that were previously there (and are still there, but are just beneath the coverlet) made it obvious that white wasn’t going to work. (It was too much white). On a whim we tried the Ikea coverlet and I’m happy with the direction that this side is taking on. (Word of caution – my only dislike of the brown coverlet is I now know if Mak the Cat has been napping on the bed/couch)

Mom is making a bed skirt for the bed, (even though it already has one built in as you can see) the bed skirt will be a linen to match the linen on the pillows that are on the bed. Art will go above the bed to add some nice height to the wall.

We’ve been hunting for a dresser, and I found one I loved but when I went into the store the price tag was $2100. Ughh. I have expensive tastes. We walked a few doors down and found a this little one for $150…


I was the perfect height and perfect size for the room.

It needs a little TLC… The top is red, which doesnt really jive with the rest of the room but I’m thinking of either painting the top (just the top) in a medium gray which would modernize it a little. If the top wasn’t painted, I wouldn’t consider painting it as I do love the look of wood. The bottom piece is missing (but we have it) so it just needs to be reattached.


Little items are making their way into the room, like (From Left to Right) my old Lion*, my (new) duck pull toy from matsutake’s etsy shop, Sophie, and of of my favourite childhood memories — a Rolly Poly Chime Ball by Fisher Price. (Via Ebay)

On a seperate note, I adored the craftmanship of the Duck Pull toy so much, and have wanted to get others for friends of mine but she doesn’t keep a huge stock available in her shop at all times, but when browsing her blog I came across a DIY version as she was on Martha Stewart.


You MUST check it out. I’m thinking when I take some time off before baby comes I may make it a craft weekend and do one of these.

Anyhow, just a little post, on the little room updates. 🙂
*When I found my old Lion while at my parents house, my Mom said that she learnt a trick on how to disenfect stuffed animals. Apparently hospitals put stuffed animals in the freezer, which kills off any germs. So prior to letting me take it home, she stuck Lion outside to give it a good ol’ freeze and then fluffed him up. 😉

In Decorating

Nursery Inspiration Pictures

Nothing like a post filled with pictures to inspire to start today. 🙂

A BIG thank you to Sarah (here is her blog) for sending me the first five awesome pictures that sparked my need to put all of these amazing pictures into one place.






(above) This last one from Sarah is a blown up assignment. It is worthy to be in a nursery, but also oh-so-awesome for anywhere in a house – Love it!


And then this one that I saved a long time ago, which I think is for sure from Domino, which ignited my need for a big tall Giraffe. 🙂


There’s a giraffe again….


This one is more traditional, but the colours are so soothing.

My neighbour Erin sent me the following …



The following pictures need some introduction; I came across a blog called Baby Junebug. Not only is the baby, June, super-cute, but her room is to match/ (Click here to see the blog post on the nursery) She was inspired by Amanda Peets room (link), which Kay (her blog here) had just also pointed me to the other day! And I spot some Blah Blah Dolls…. (Remember my confession over here?)


And then, this one is of course, a favourite….

This gorgeous nursery is from the very tallented, and always inspirational couple + baby over @ Rambling Renovators. (*Link to nursery here) A room like this takes obvious vision, and a clear concept of the final design. The results are nothing but spectacular and inviting.

Anyhow, I’m one who when I see a picture I like, I right click + save it to my computer for future inspiration, so maybe some of these will become your favourites. The downside of my right-clicking is that I don’t have their original sources to the pictures (I should really rename the files with the source) But, if any of you know the sources let me know and I’ll credit the photos!