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well, that’s something I never expected to see …

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Yes. That is my photo in that poster above. ūüôā I’m terribly embarrassed to post this, but at the same time quite excited and honoured. I have been invited to be a speaker in a series of talks hosted by Telus and Samsung.¬†¬†I will get to share some of my insights on home decor,¬†talk about how I’ve gone about decorating my home mixing highs and lows, how I use my smart phone as part of the process (hellooooo Pinterest and Etsy!) and, if that wasn’t enough – I’ll give out a list of my favourite shopping spots around Toronto. Even my Value Village locations. Yup. Priceless.Obviously, if you read my blog you’ll know I don’t take myself too seriously and I don’t consider myself as an expert by any means on anything. However,¬†there are certain things that I have a passion for – renovating and decorating are at the top of that list.

There will be 3 dates across Toronto (one in Oakville, The Beach and at The Shops at Don Mills). The first one is May 21st in Oakville, and if you’re in that area and want to come, I’d LOVE to see you. I’ll post when the other locations have sign ups, but if you’re in Oakville, sign up!

Ps., The fact that I’m on a poster kind of made me giggle. I’m seriously going to steal the posters from the locations. Kidding. (No, I’m not kidding)¬†

P.P.s., I don’t really look like my picture above. I usually have my hair in a bun. I’m usually in jeans and a sweatshirt. So depending on how Oscar is that day, you may get my “fancy / professional” self as shown in the photograph or, me in my Mom jeans and Starbucks coffee stains on my shirt.¬†

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Toronto Life Magazine

Happy Friday! I’m on vacation right now from the shop, so I’m spending less time at my computer and more time trying to get my legs to look less like Casper the ghost and have some colour before I wear a dress for my brother’s wedding. So far no luck but I have a few days left to accomplish some colour. ūüėČ To end the week I thought I would post some exciting news in my little world. I found (and of course proceeded to buy all of the copies) of a special issue of Toronto Life on stands now….

I was among five pretty cool bloggers that¬†Toronto Life¬†rounded up on the last page of the issue….They wrote “Toronto has its share of home-grown decor blogs. Here to separate the frou-frou from the fabulous, six of our favourites.” Noted are Jacquelyn Clark or Lark and Linen, Nikole Herriott, Emma Reddington of The Marion House Book but also as you know, Chatelaine Magazine, the team of Juli Daoust and John Baker of Kitka, and Michael Penney.¬†

Wheee! Seriously folks, it never gets old seeing your name in print.Anyhow, I really appreciated the shout-out. I love writing this blog, so to know others like to read it really makes me happy. So thank you for taking part in my ramblings about design decisions, mistakes, and dilemmas. xo Linds

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I know that posts like this aren’t likely to gain much feedback but it’s a nice moment in my household so I felt as though it is still worthy of a post. Last Saturday The National Post¬†published¬†the “Ikea Hack Attack” article that I was¬†interviewed¬†for. BUT right beside that article was¬†as another article by Samantha Pynn giving us a huge mention. Thank you to Samantha Pynn for using our cookbook shelf as an example of how to display cookbooks and to Adam McDowell for including us in the Ikea Hack Attack article.I feel like my level of excitement the last few weeks can be best explained by these animated gifs. ūüėȬ†