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A simple post for a simple day over here. Quiet, and the sun is shining through all of our windows. I’m quietly working away in my office. But I had to take a picture of these….


I am just in love with these tulips. There is a combination of purple, pinks, and yellows. I like to buy a small bouquet of flowers at the flower shop down the street and split the bouquet into 2 small vases for beside our bed. For $7 each week it is my little splurge.

And then I was in the bedroom and realized I hadn’t posted about this new addition. So we talked about MY splurging on $7 a week on a bouquet of flowers. And then there is Aubrey’s splurging. 😉


Aubrey surprised me at Christmas with a TV for our bedroom. 🙂

With baby on the way, he realized that purchases for us will dwindle (and not likely be possible), so he did it without my knowledge. Why? Because I would debate the cost, fret, and feel guilty. So I’m glad he did it that way because I love it, and don’t feel guilty. And when pregnancy yucks hits me at night, I’ll curl up after a bath, and snuggle into the bed and watch old re-runs, or HGTV. It’s my bliss. 🙂

And also in the picture is one of my favourite finds from Frontier Sales. This dresser was tucked away in a corner, and fit perfectly into our bedroom.

UPDATE: What I forgot to mention was that we did have a TV in the bedroom before – but it was a mama-of-a-tv and didn’t look very nice. It stuck out like a sore thumb, which is why it never was photographed before. 😉

In My House

I’d like to thank….


Last night I got a really sweet e-mail from Jenny over from one of my favourite blogs, Little Green Notebook, asking if she could use my pictures from my Ikea Hack of the Rast side tables in a post she was going to do. Of course I said yes, and I professed my love of her blog. 🙂 Titled Hacks of all Hacks (love it!) she did a really nice description on how to do the project. If you haven’t visited her blog, I do suggest you do, as her projects are inspirations to me, and I know also to my friend Erin across the street – we both regularily refrence her work when we’re talking about DIY projects. 🙂

Then, how honoured was I went I saw that (another favourite blog of mine) Urban Grace also did a post this morning after seeing it on the Little Green Notebook blog. The funny thing about her post is that she picked up on the one thing that I wished no one would notice…the twisted knob in the picture. Ha. I always considered it my little “where’s Waldo” aspect to the photo. And there is my TV remote on my bedside table…so you know where I stand with having a TV in the bedroom. 🙂 Two little reminders that this photo was not professionally staged. 😉 And this is coming from me, who has OCD dendencies. 😉

So pop over to these two blogs that I do adore, and thank you again to Jenny for the original blog post, and to Urban Grace for her sweet blog post as well.

Here is the project again, which I did a post about here. :)