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Unexpected purchase

Excuse the long intro, but the story is required in order to explain the amazing find…
We have a little antique store in our neighbourhood. It’s a weird little store, that isn’t very well curated and filled with things that are sometimes just over priced. (All to say, that I rarely go in.) However, last Thursday, on a walk back from Starbucks with the babies attached to us,  Erin and I spotted that the store was having a 50% off sale. We were told by the shop owner that things in the basement she really wanted to get rid of, so to “Make her an offer”. And so, the two of us and our babies headed to the dark basement. 🙂

I saw a side table that was tucked away and was covered in dust….and I instantly fell for it. It was marked at $50, I asked the owner how much she wanted. Want to know how much she wanted? Twenty-Five Dollars! I nearly fainted. I asked her also how much she wanted for a marble vase (marked at $60) and she said…”I’ll throw that in for free.” I whipped out my credit card and handed it to her. Sold. Erin and I carried the table back home with our Starbucks and our babies in the rain to place it immediately in my living room…

New Living Room Table

It has beautiful wood inlay detailing and a little drawer that opens on the front.


The table has some marks on the top (See below) but they don’t bother me in the slightest.

New Living Room Table

When Lauren at Style at Home asked in their interview what our decorating style was, I thought that “Young Traditional” summed us up pretty well. And I think below is a perfect example. The furniture feels adult, but the (new) pillows make it youthful. (Do you agree? Or am I totally bonkers)
I think we have a room that is actually coming together! Ok, back to the table – can you believe it was TWENTY FIVE dollars!?

New Living Room Table

I still walk by it and stop and admire it.

In My House


A quick recap, since this project has been years in the making. Ever since we moved into the house, Aubrey’s beloved book collection has been in boxes. So, we needed bookshelves to house *some* of Aubrey’s books. After much contemplation, we decided to have 2 freestanding bookshelves built for our living room flanking each side of the entrance to our dining room. We contemplated Ikea bookshelves however, the dimensions didn’t work. So, we hired out, and in order to save money, painted them ourselves. (Such a tedious task, but it saved us well over $1,000)

And here they are…


Here are some details that went into them


(1) How high? We measured many times to decide how high they should be. We couldn’t have them built straight to the ceiling as since they aren’t “built ins” we needed some relief to actually get them in. However, I do quite like the air between the top, and the ceiling. Moulding was designed to reflect the style of the moulding in our house.

(2) Knobs – The knobs are brushed brass, that match the base of our Pottery Barn Lights as blogged about here

(3) Hidden away … The base units provide awesome storage for things like our DVD collection that previously had no home.

(4) A place for extras… Instead of your typical straight bookcases, I designed them to have a little hutch for extra detail, and a place for photographs, and little pieces.

A bit more about them….

The Design
I designed the bookshelves based on bookshelves that my parents have in their house but with some modifications to account for the fact that our living room is MUCH smaller, and we didn’t want to take up too much floor space. We worked with the builder to make sure that everything was quite specific, from the header, to how deep the hutch part would come out.

The Styling
These bookcases are going to be just that – A place for all of Aubrey’s books. With the compromise that I get some room for some picture frames of photos of family. The photo shows you as we fill the shelves up with a small percentage of his collection.

In My House

Slow + Steady

I started priming our bookshelves. Wheee. I know. Exciting.


I’m taking my time in order to make sure there are no drips, it’s painted evenly, and there in the end, awesome. Unfortunately there was a little mixup with the shelves for the bookcase and, well, all but 4 of them don’t fit. The company said that new shelves will be coming this week, so fingers crossed.*

*Some people have asked who made our shelves. I really want to give you an honest review of the company, but since the job of the bookcases isn’t done just yet, I’m refraining from giving my 2 cents. We give props where they are deserved, and the company will get a huge shout out, but since there are some things outstanding, I’m refraining from posting their name. (Does that make sense?)