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downloadMy living room has been going through some changes since I last posted a tour of it here. I was never really totally happy with how the artwork looked on the wall, and it felt a bit too “adult” and, felt like there was too much space between frames so ย I decided to do some changes. I wanted it to feel a little more youthful, and have a better reflection of us as a family, so I’m happy right now with how it is. (Though it’s likely to change over the next few months)

I switched out the old pillows for new ones on my caned chairs to beย Kelly Wearstler’s Bengal Bazaar. Seriously, I wadownload (6)nt to have them in every single room of my house. (Sewn by Aurelia on Etsy, they are gorrrrrrrgeous)

I’ve always loved this David Hicks print, so I brought in the pattern into the living room via pillows for the couch.

I added two Target stoolsย in purple beneath my console – which act as a pop of colour but also, added seating for when we host parties. The console has a vintage box that I found at the cottage, and in it, there are coasters that I pull out when people have drinks. Beside it, some of the shells and coral Oscar and I collected in the Dominican this past winter. Two baskets on either side are useful – and pretty. One has Oscar’s wooden building blocks and the other, my home decor magazines.

The artwork on the walls are all framed (with the exception of two) in Ikea frames that I’ve switched matting out for – or, just framed a print without matting. It’s a mixture of my own artwork, Oscar’s and some purchased art. I love the gallery wall and what I chose to do was figure out the placement of the frames first, then, I filled them as I found artwork I liked. This method for me, worked the best as I didn’t really know what look I wanted. So it was a work in progress for quite some time.

1. Oscar’s moustache, framed in an Ikea shadow box. Mustache on a stick by Whisker Works
2. An art print, unknown artist
3. I love Hable Construction, especially this fabric so much I framed a picture of the fabric.
4. A sketch I did
5. Ikea mirror, painted white (I think it has been discontinued)
6. A print of a oil painting I did
7. Oscar’s abstract
8. Oscar’s abstract
9. Joanna Bell photograph, a local Beach artist
10. Painting by Roisin Morris

My yellow-ish ottoman makes an appearance in the top photo but dissapears in some of the others, as it feels on occasion, too crowded. Plus, typically it stays to the side as Oscar plays with his toys in this room. It’s still in the original fabric I bought it in, which was a yellow hue to it, so it doesn’t really fit the whole room anymore, and is craving to be recovered in a different fabric. I have some quotes in on fixing that up but it’s hard to justify that expense just yet while we have so many other things that need doing. So I have a feeling it may be put off for a bit.

Anyhow, I’ve been meaning to show this for awhile! It’s a great example of how I switch things around a lot – and I can, because I’ve done major pieces of the room – couch, drapes, walls, and bookshelf, in really neutral tones – which allows me to switch things up as my tastes change.

xo Lindsay

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Ikea Hack – Gold Frames

Happy weekend. Since I just showed you my trick of how to get the best looking gold frames, here is a post that will give you some inspiration using Ikea. First of all I love Ikea frames – they are economical and are offered in a variety of interesting sizes so you can create interesting displays on your wall. I’m regularly hacking Ikea frames. (Remember this piece?) Above is an example of my latest DIY project, turning an Ikea frame to be a gold shadow box with modern art. 

Step 1: Start with this Shadow Box Frame from Ikea

Step 2: The frame is three parts. [1] The frame [2] The shadow box insert and [3] matting. Paint the frame gold. See my tutorial here. Spray paint the shadow box insert (#2) black and you can leave the matting white, in the photo above I experimented with spray painting it black – which worked, but wasn’t the look went with for the end project.

Step 3: For the art, I had left over paint swatches that I loved, and simply put them behind the matting… creating some mod art. Just collect swatch colours you like and start arranging them behind the matting – occasionally flipping over the mating to see how your arrangement looks.

That’s it! I think it’s a pretty good Ikea hack. Living room is still coming together…  ๐Ÿ™‚
xo Linds

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DIY Abstract Art

I’ve been slowly adding elements to our living room to make it complete. One of the big puzzle pieces that the room has been missing has been art. We had a stumbling block – The art I did like was out of our price range….so I decided to make my own.

I purchased a canvas in December, and it has since sat in the basement waiting for me to work on it. Although I’ve done abstract before (Perhaps not on purpose), doing it at such a huge scale like this [40″ x 40″] proved to be intimidating. Fast forward to an evening last week and I felt a sudden need to paint. I had already primed the canvas black a few weeks earlier, so all I needed was the willpower to put that first brush stroke to the canvas. So when out of the blue I felt the need to paint – I did. And I’m happy to say, I love it!

Although this canvas could hang without framing, I’m going to get it framed. [pending costs] Right now it sits on the console, and is bringing beautiful colour to our room. I adore it. To read some tips of what helped me create the art, read more. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Study those you admire
Although some of you will say that I’m creative and something like this may come easy to me, I must insist that I was absolutely terrified at the idea of painting a 40″ canvas. It’s HUGE. So one thing I did to get comfortable with creating the art was that I studied art that liked and artists I admired. It helped me figure out what I wanted, brush strokes, colours. There is nothing wrong in taking inspiration. Trying to understand a style is perfectly acceptable by studying others – in fact, it’s called learning. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Black Paint

A little secret is that I always prime my canvases black. I like to do that as it adds some depth. You’ll see that in some areas the white paint is less than in others. And instead of a blank canvas being behind it, the black peeks through  

3. Colours

Figure out the colours you want in your room/painting before painting. This sounds silly, but it’s easy to just go with pre made colours from the art supply store. I knew I wanted certain colours, so I spent some time mixing colours prior to painting. I also had magazine pages that had certain colours I liked, so I tried to match the colours. You’d be surprised that your mind goes blank sometimes looking at the canvas so having reference images beside you can help keep you on track.

I’m far from a professional able to offer you concrete advice but I hope that these tricks help give you confidence to try some abstract art yourself.