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Eat In Kitchen – What we decided for lighting

Remember I was debating lights? I really was leaning heavily to this light but ended up choosing…..

Potlights. Crazy. I know. After some back and forth – I decided on the least expected lighting option and that was to go with pot lights.

Here is why. This area is a deceptively small space. The ceiling is low, and any light that would hang over the table would obstruct the view of someone at the table, and the view outside. Having already had a chandelier hanging here before, I was sensitive to the light being right at my eyes while eating and that the light would be really focused on the table. This room gets awfully dark in the Wintertime – so I really wanted LIGHT. Not just a decorative feature. But light.  I ran it by my Mom and she was the final vote (like they do on Survivor) and voted without hesitation for pot lights.

And you want to know something? I LOVE IT!!! It’s totally the right choice for our style and our house. It makes the room feel bigger and now Oscar can be found drawing and painting at this table at night because he can actually see. Ha.

We didn’t want to tackle this ourselves so we called Mr. Potlight. Yes. Mr. Potlight. I checked with HomeStars and was really impressed with their reviews. Needless to say, they were AMAZING and the project was done within a few hours. I’d hire them again in a second. (They charge per potlight they install, so it’s super easy to determine a budget. Plus, they were amazing at helping suggest bulb placements)

Here is one snag that I ran into. We had to go with LED pot-lights because this part of the house is an extension and the ceiling has insulation as it’s an exterior area above. (There is no second floor above this area) LED pot-lights don’t need big boxes around the bulb as they don’t heat up like Halogens do. I’m pretty picky when it comes to light so I was petrified that the light in this room  would differ from the rest of our house but Aubrey and I pre-purchased some LED bulbs from the Home Depot and compared them and they were close enough to make me feel comfortable with going ahead.

So although I do lust after some gorgeous chandeliers that I wrote about in this post – for our house, the choice for simplicity and function won over grandeur.

Plus, I seriously LOVE how it looks at night when the rest of the home is dark. Success!

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kitchen updates

Back when we wrapped up the kitchen renovation, it looked like this…. 

Fast forward to today, and a few things have changed. The first, we removed that round table  and replaced it with this harvest table that I bought at an auction for $75. I kept the chairs from the old set, and painted them out in a soft grey. 

The table is uneven, it’s far from level, and yet, it’s perfect. I don’t care if Oscar or his friends have paint on it, ink, or scrape it. It’s terribly imperfect at right now, I love it. I fell in love with the legs, and well – it came home with me.   As you can see, two other things are missing. The chandelier is gone and the pillows are missing. 

For the light – the shade was yellowing, and being so sensitive to colours, and when whites changed, I had Aubrey take it down, which has let us, without a light. The pillows were removed some time ago, when Oscar and his buddies started climbing and I didn’t want the pillows to get messy. And so, they got removed. 

So now I’m looking at this room, debating what needs to happen to really finish it off. 

I don’t have any answers yet, but I’ll be posting some of the ideas here over the next few weeks and hopefully over the summer it will come together. Ideas as always, welcomed. xoxo