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#ProjectPinkRoom – Drapery Fabric


I’m SO CLOSE to revealing the Etsy room makeover that we’re doing. 99% of the items I’ve purchased have arrived, so we’re SO close. My girlfriend and I spent all today running around the city, checking the remaining things on our list. (and maybe a coffee stop here and there, some Ikea Hot Dogs, and then lunch….we were without the kids, so it was a little liberating!)

We stopped in at Tonic Living to check out fabrics together for the drapery and I nearly DIED when I saw this. Happily, my girlfriend was equally smitten and so it was done. I seriously cannot WAIT for these drapes. I’m living vicariously through my girlfriend, decorating a girls room. Oscar’s room will one day be updated, but there is something about pink. OMG. I love it. I’m not a designer by any means but seriously people, I’m obsessed with these projects of getting to have fun with other people’s rooms. AS IF people get paid to do this fun! (Not quitting my day job, but seriously, this is the best)

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I was reading Poppytalk this morning and came across the above photo, from Inside Out Magazine and flipped. It’s GORGEOUS. I love the print, I love the wall. I’ve been thinking of updating Oscar’s room and I’ve been thinking of a “Paint it By Numbers” mural – or something outdoorsy – so this definitely appealed to me. Plus, blue and green are colours that are always meant to go together. That is all. Just an awesome photo for y’all. Read more about the issue and where you can download it, over at Poppytalk