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Ikea NYMÅNE lights

I bought some IKEA NYMÅNE lights for the TV Room. They are PERFECT. They blend in, are minimal and they didn’t need to be hardwired. Oh, and they’re under $20 each. My only gripe is that the on/off switch on each cord sits high. I think the only solution (if you find that it bothers you) would be to have them rewired to remove that chunky switch….which I may do, but right now I can live with it.

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Ikea Hack / DIY Grasscloth Coffee Table

We’ve been searching for an ottoman / coffee table for our TV room forever after I got rid of our last coffee table in a fit of anger because I hated it so. (It was way too big for the space, and was driving me nuts) Aubrey, in a similar fit of frustration (because he missed having somewhere to rest his feet while watching TV) bought an Ikea Lack coffee table for $35. He assured me it was temporary. Although size wise it was perfect – I’ll give it that,  design wise it was killing me. It was like a black hole sucking any joy out of the room. I know, I’m being dramatic. But really. It wasn’t the look I was going for, but I understood the need for compromise. Continue Reading →

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Ikea Textiles used Outdoors


reached out an wondered if I would be interested in showing how their


can instantly change a room. You know me and Ikea – it’s a relationship that goes way back, and is match made in heaven. But as much as I wanted to say yes to the room makeover – I’m actually really happy with how all of our bedrooms are over here, so it really wasn’t a fit. The reason why I like partnering with companies like Ikea is because there are SO many products that are economical in their stores that you can afford to think outside the box as to how to use them. Working with companies like Ikea pushes me to do just that – think outside the box – so I explained my idea for using the textiles

outdoors. Y

ou can find the three of us outside more than indoors these days, so it seemed like a great fit for me. Thankfully Ikea was up for seeing what I would come up with. So, challenge accepted!

This post is kind of photo heavy but my goodness, I had SO much fun shooting this tonight and I couldn’t really edit. Anyhow, here’s my thing. We


to entertain for the kids during the Summer. We’re really lucky to have a really long garden plus a lane way, so it’s perfect for lots of families. We’re using our bonfire a lot, and the kids have all come over to roast hotdogs, marshmallows, and the parents all sit and catch up. We live in an amazing neighbourhood, so get togethers like this are becoming more frequent as Oscar gets older. I love having a sense of community, so hosting events – like pot lucks – are a great economical way to get together.

Even the most low key of backyard events require some prep. I’ve occasionally fretted that we need to have tables and chairs / picnic tables for the kids at our BBQ’s when really – throwing some blankets on the ground is a great way to create seating.

Picnics are the best.

But here’s what’s awesome – pick up individual

SIGNE floor mats,

and let each kiddo have their own! They can place them all together (oh, so bohemian) Or carry around their own little mat with them where they go. Wouldn’t that be great for a beach? Seriously,

get some of these mats

. You can also grab some of their


in their textile department, and have them on hand for the Summer months for outdoors to lie on. They take up less room than chairs, and it’s much more relaxing and inviting in my opinion than formal sitting. Most likely they will get dirty, because you’re going to encourage the kids to be kids, so throw that blanket in the wash, and save it for the next back yard party.

From the textile department I picked up

three Ursula throws

– they are divine.  (They feel, and look like they should be from a high end boutique) So, so comfy to wrap around yourself on a chilly Summer’s night. This past Saturday I was wrapped in one as I talked with a friend by the crackling fire. There is something lovely about being wrapped in a knit white blanket. It was great having more than one blanket on hand – because I could offer it to those who were with me. Having a stock of blankets on hand is always a great idea. You can use them as blankets to sit on, or, as warmth when the sun sets. Ps., Oscar was super still for that photo because he had snuck one of the marshmallows off the tree stump and was eating it very, very slowly.

Anyhow, I really hope this inspires some of you to actually look through Ikea’s aisles and consider some of their textiles for outdoor entertaining. It’s really super economical, and adds some beautiful style on a budget. Three cheers to a Summer of fun with friends outdoors. xo

Disclaimer: I was given an Ikea gift card to use in order to purchase items to use in this post. Opinions and photographs are of my own. 

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