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Blue CardiganPolice Hat / Tickets (Free Download)  / Ticket Alternative / Police Badge /
Police Whistle / Aviators (dollar store) / Play Handcuffs
Oscar has never really been one to dress up for Halloween so I’ve always resisted investing too much time and money in a particular costume, for fear that (a) come Halloween he won’t wear it and (b) he’ll decide last minute on something else. This year, as an example – he’s told his class he is going to be A Ghost, The Easter Bunny, A Marshmallow, and well, I’m sure a ton of other things. I took him to Party City and they had a wall of pictures of costumes, which I think helped him visualize what he wanted and he picked out the Police Office costume.

Obviously, as luck would have it – when you’re picking a costume the week before Halloween, the police officer costume was sold out. So we did a little improvising and in the end I’m happier with our makeshift costume because it’s less stress on him to “dress up”. I picked up individual pieces to put together his costume, but the part that makes it ridiculously fun for him – is the act of handing out tickets to people. (He told me he’s giving me a ticket because I was brushing my teeth while driving. I have never, ever brushed my teeth while driving so I’m not sure where that came from, but he deemed it unsafe, and, I tend to agree)


I made him up his own note pad of tickets to rip off tickets to hand out to people – which for him, is what he’s most excited about. You can either buy a roll of tickets from the dollar store or, print off some of the ones I designed. 

He already has a blue cardigan but you can find one at Old Navy / The Gap and use it after Halloween too. The only thing I’m debating are the handcuffs I bought. I have images of me being handcuffed to the couch and my child running free. So, yeah, those may go back.

Anyhow, so simple, but I thought as other Moms and Dads may be freaking out the days leading up to Halloween, this costume may be easy to put together by finding each item at your local party store.

xo Linds

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Halloween over the last four years…


We love Halloween over here – although I do think that it has gotten a little gory for my tastes. Some homes I walk by and there are decapitated bodies hanging from porches and I’m like “AVERT YOUR EYES!” and do stealth moves to distract Oscar. Once I missed a house and he just stared at it, said “That’s weird.” and continued on – unphased. Maybe it’s just me.I hate posting after a Holiday because everyone (including myself) are just done with it, and need a break. So, on that note I’m posting a reflection of the last few years of Halloween in our house. And Oscar. O.M.G. My little sweet man. I don’t think we’re doing matching banana costumes again this year. I have to say, Aubrey was a good sport for letting me stick that on him.

Through the years / 2011 Halloween2012 Halloween, Another 20122013 Halloween (Banana Year),  Projects: Halloween VasePipecleaner Bat

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25 Halloween Ideas

download (10)
I’ve been pinning and googling my brains out for Halloween. But in all honesty – I’m not going to get much farther than buying pre-made cookies, letting the kids slap on some icing and totally unhealthy candies ontop and call it a day. BUT, if you’re looking for some inspiration, seeing as I’m not going to be the one doing it this year, here are some of my favourites. Keeping it real folks. Keeping. It. Real.

download (11)
1. Martha Stewart Fanged Pumpkins (My favourite)
2. Carved Boo Jar
3. Thumbtack Pumpkin (Love the blue colour!)
4. Drilled Pumpkin – Get out those power tools!
5. Animal Pumpkins 
6. Pushpin Pumpkin (Confetti Style!!)
7. Double Dipped Pumpkin 


download (12)8. Halloween Toffee Apples
9. Skeleton Cookies I tried to find the original post on this but had no luck. See this post for a similar project
10. Candy Corn Cookie Bites. Or just buy candy corn. Because that’s what I do.
11. Kids like Hamburgers? Pumpkin-Cheeseburgers are pretty darn cute 
12. Mashed Potato Ghosts
13. Monster Cupcakes


download (13)

Here are some ideas, and although some parts may be spooky for little kids – there are some great examples of Halloween decor that doesnt need to be too spooky. Flaoting hats? Check! Witches and Broomsticks? Check! 14. Ghostbusters. Seriously amazing. She is pretty much the Queen of Halloween.
15. Harry Potter Themed Halloween Party (love the floating candles)
16. Again, she is amazing. Wizard of Oz. Love the floating hats shown here. 
17. Dancing Ghosts on the Lawn. I can’t find the original source, but see this Pin. (Styrofoam Balls stuck on rebar…)
18. Giant Spiderweb!
19. Milk Jug Lights (So great for with little kids)
20. Put a Skeleton in the window. That’s it. It’s pretty hilarious.


download (14)

And who says kids should have all the fun?
21. Halloween Playlist for Parties 
22. “Six Couple Costumers that your significant other won’t be embarrassed to wear”.  The title lies. Some of them I think I’d be mortified to be seen in. And Aubrey wouldn’t speak to me if I made him wear some of them.
23. Family Costumes
24. The best.
25. This is my favourite song for Halloween. It happens to be french. This is going back a loooong time to my French Immersion days.