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Excuse me while I skip my regular (or, somewhat regular) Bits + Pieces post. I have so many things to blog about – but I’ve found little time to actually write posts to accompany the photos I’ve taken. I’ll be back on my game in the next week or so. To end the week I thought I’d follow up with more shots I took for the shop. Have a great weekend, and you can see these photos and more online at The Penny Paper Co.  xo Linds

Ps., Thank you for the super kind comments on my mini freak out on the Toronto Life nod. 🙂 

In Updates

gift wrap inspiration

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been focusing my attention on photographing things from my shop and above is one of those photoshoots – laying out some of the items from my store together to see how they worked. It is pretty reflective of what I love right now – gold, glitter, and of course, stripes. And that ribbon. Oh. That ribbon. Anyhow, that is it. Just a pretty photo. 🙂 xo Lindsay

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