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Fabric Love

TonicLiving released some new fabrics and I’m obsessed with this one (above). I want to make a dress out of it for Summer. Well, I can’t sew, but I may bribe my mama to try to make something for me out of this.

I had ordered some samples awhile back as we’re considering redoing our bench in the kitchen (which is why I have been pinning Breakfast nook inspiration like crazy for the last six months). I LOVE the fabrics above. The one on the bottom left I love as an option for a bench (spills would wipe up so easily!) and the one on the bottom right I was considering for remaking Oscar’s headboard. I ended up buying a Queen duvet cover from H&M that mimicked the look at less of the price. But I’m still a fan of the fabric. (More on that project another time but bottom line – divert covers are a great source of fabric on the cheap sometimes).

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Fabric for throw cushions

First, thank you so much for your sweet comments on the nursery additions. It’s great fun for me to show the progress, and even more fun to read the comments. 🙂 So thank you!

Now that the kitchen bench cushion is in, and I adore the colour, we’re trying to pick some accent cushions for the back. Unlike what I previously did (one long cushion along the back) I’m going with a number of throw cushions to add some variety.

I happened to see this light blue fabric at Designer Fabrics here in Toronto and fell in love. It reminds me of ferns, and evokes memories of our honeymoon in Costa Rica, where the hotel had the most beautiful fabrics. (We actually took pictures of the linens at the hotel as they were stunning). Unfortunately the blue fabric is not an inexpensive, but if I have the back of the cushion sewn in another (cheaper) fabric, it will bring the cost down significantly.


But of course, you have to bring home lots of fabrics to “test” in the house…


In the background you’ll see the other end of the spectrum – pinks and oranges. I brought home those samples just to make sure that I was totally in love with the blues & greens. And I’m confident that it’s the colour direction we’d like. 🙂 I love the look of the blue with the green, and I think we will add in one more fabric (I like things in threes).

I’m hoping to get this crossed off my list before baby comes, but I’m not sure if that will happen!

In My House

Kitchen Bench, Sewing Complete

If you’ve been following our little blog, you will recall the storyline with our Kitchen Bench. I’ll save you the boring details, but this project goes back 6 months to November 2009 when we decided to do a eat in bench, made out of Ikea cabinets. Loved the bench – Disliked the original fabric I did for the cushion (Post here).

So I’m ready to show you our *new* bench cushion.


Ta-da! Love it. Adore it. It’s PERFECT.


Piping in the same fabric


There is a zipper along the back that allows me to take the cover on, and off.

After picking the *new* fabric (Dune, by Sunbrella, found at I brought the 8 foot long bench cushion to a Toronto store called MacFab. I had found out that the store had seamstress(es) on staff when I went in one day, looking for fabric for this bench. Although I didn’t get my fabric from MacFab, I ended up bringing them the cushion to sew. I am REALLY happy with the quality of work they did and they did it within 9 working days.

For the record, Mom did offer, generously, to resew me a cushion cover, but she confessed she wasn’t too comfortable with an 8 foot long zipper. When I thought about it, I really wanted a zipper for this cover as having the ability to take off the cover to wash it (sticky little fingers are in our future) would be well worth it.

Next up is adding some colour in some throw cushions. 🙂