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Etsy Favourites / Jewelry Edition

I’ve been browsing Etsy the past few days –  reorganizing my favourite items. My old page of favourites moved and is now here and I’m feverishly adding things I want to collections.  One of the things I’m drawn to right now is jewelry – I’m a sucker for great necklace and earrings, many of my new favourites below.  Rings are harder for me because I seem to have monster fingers that nothing fit on. As a side note —- I’ve been googling how to make my own rings…. the school of YouTube has been trying to teach me. I may tackle that DIY this Summer when I can be outdoors in the studio and take some time to learn a new craft. Until then, here are some of my faves!

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roundup of the best pillows on etsy

the best pillows found on etsy

After yesterday’s post lacking of colour and dismal pre-spring garden shots (and a rotting deck!) I needed to throw some colour at you. I have a few decorating projects in the works and at the top of my list is always pillows. My style is always white, bright and open and airy rooms with crazy hits of colour thrown at you in pillows. Pillows are the BEST way to add some style to a room at a really reasonable cost. Some pillows aren’t inexpensive – decorative ones (like this one that is my FAVOURITE EVER in my house) are the cost of a good gallon of paint. But it’s more powerful than paint. Because it’s so stylish and let’s face it. Throwing a designer pillow on your couch is also WAY EASIER than throwing a gallon of paint on your wall. So when  friends ask me to help makeover a room, I always gravitate to neutral couches and such – but tell them to have some fun with the pillows. One thing I have been guilty of is buying too small of a pillow for rooms. So consider 20″ and bigger for couches, because the small ones just (in my opinion)end up being tossed on the floor. But BIG pillows (especially down filled ones) you end up sinking into, and enjoying as you relax.

Although I adore places like Tonic Living and finding my own fabrics to make into pillows, Etsy is still a huge draw for me because you have such a huge assortment of fabrics and you can see them done up usually before buying. Click here to see my favourite pillows (which include all of the ones I’ve shown here!) by popping over to my Etsy Pillow Collection board. And you may see some of the ones here, in upcoming design projects!

pillows on etsy


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Gift Guide / For Babies

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I’m a sucker for baby things – even though we don’t have a baby anymore in our house. But seriously, knit sweaters, cute cozy pants, silly stuffed toys that are likely more for the delight of the parents than the children – but it’s such a wonderful time to have a baby in ones’s life – that we can’t resist stuff like this. Here are some of my favourites. 😉 Enjoy!