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Landscaping Dreams in the Dead of Winter

William Chandler of Chandler Landscaping designed this gorgeous yard featured in Style At Home’s May 2010 Issue. Bill, as I know him, also did my parents yard and it is hands down, the most beautiful residential garden I have ever seen. Timeless, sophisticated and traditional would be words I think of when I see his work. I’m doing some graphic design work for Bill (his website is coming soon) and I had mentioned last Summer our dislike of our front yard. Fast forward to a week ago, and after Bill and I were wrapping up a meeting, he slips this out of a folder for me….

It’s OUR yard. I was shocked. It was beautiful. I am in in love with the possibilities. Especially what he did for our walkway. Isn’t that gorgeous how it isn’t just straight, and it is wider – which will be fantastic for the stroller. Bill worked in plants we already had purchased like the Hydrangeas and boxwood’s. The garden would be filled with lavender and Thyme and Lilacs. Although we couldn’t likely do ALL of the planting right away, getting the new walkway would be an amazing improvement. Not sure if it’s in our budget but we will see!  (To see our Front Landscaping wish list from last year here click here) What a perfect time of year to start dreaming of flowers and greenery.

(Main photo courtesy of Style at Home Magazine, May 2010)
Photography by Andreas Trauttmansdorff

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Porch Drapes

Drapery project – complete. 🙂

To recap, we loved our chairs, and now sitting on the front porch (It makes for great impromptu coffee chats with your favourite neighbours) But seeing the garbage bins beside the porch were an eyesore.


We went and bought a curtain rod from Lowes, and some drapery from Ikea, it was done. SUPER easy. I appreciated all the feedback to the types of fabric, but in the end, I decided that for $30 for a pack of 2 drapery panels – ready to hang and the right height, was worth it.


And then you have this…

porch drapery


LOVE it. It makes the deck feel taller, and obviously, much more private. We went with a black rod because it ties in with our black door. Although white would have worked just as well. 🙂

Happy Weekend!

And you can also see that one of our Hydrangea plants in the above photo is having a temper tantrum and isn’t doing so well. *sigh*

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Domino effect…

So when I stained the Bear chairs, we thought “Hey, lets stain/paint the front stairs”. They were showing wear & tear and I was already in my grubby clothes, and we loved Inuckshuck as a colour (vey neutral, and no pink undertones)

(Above, the stairs)

Well, this then balooned into me repainting/staining the whole front of the deck (The deck itself is carpet, but the front of the deck is wood)

It wasn’t the best idea for me to do this after spending a few hours doing the chairs. I got frustrated, my hair fell into the bucket of paint, got it all over myself, I was dripping with sweat (it’s hot in Toronto) and I ended up getting gumpy, stormed inside, claimed I hated what I had done and vowed never to lift a paint brush again. Aubrey ended up taking the paint brush from me and finished the deck to salvage the deck, my sanity, and what was left of a perfectly pleasant afternoon. (Hey, we’re all allowed freakouts) I now like it. 😉

Below is the before – the deck is a neutral tone but with a definite pink undertone to it. (And for the record, I really dislike pink undertones in paint)


And below, is after.


A nice improvement. However, the improvements made our super-ugly yellow windows stand out that muh more and therefore inspired talk of the front of our house improvements. Here are some of the things we’d love to improve upon when it comes to the front of our house. Now, keep in mind, we’re not necessarily doing the improvements, but it’s always fun to design.


The list is not out of this world, but each improvement costs money so it will all have to be done in stages, if we do any at all. It’s hard to know where to put the funds – (ok, what funds? Let’s be honest – we just had a baby) Really, I’d love, love to do our windows.