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Summer craft / DIY Rock Tic Tac Toe Game

At the start of the summer I started to binge on Pintrest ideas for fun things I could do with Oscar. Science experiements, crafts, outings. One that seemed super easy was a DIY Tic Tac Toe board. I decided to set out to do this myself, as a gift for my Mom for her birthday. I used a wood slice from my Brother’s wedding, and collected rocks at the beach. Here is how I did it. Super easy. 

Beach rocks
The darker rocks work best if you want the organic look. The ligher rocks are suitable for painting. The chalk (next item) doesn’t show up well on lighter rocks. 

Chalk Pen
If not available, you can use a fine tip paint brush and use white acrylic paint

Minwax Polyurethane
This will help protect the rocks from bumping around and the chalk / white paint that you used, chipping off. It also gives a gorgeous wet rock look. I chose High Gloss 

• Wood Slice 
I used some slices that I had around but you can find wood slices now at art stores, Etsy, or, on Kijiji. I also picked up a gorgeous thick, sanded slice from Deserres. (Not shown in the photos)

Paint / Optional 
Depending on the look you want, paint is optional. If you want a specific colour combo, go to the dollar store and grab some inexpensive acrylic paints or what I often do is go to Home Depot, get a sample pot of a great colour ($5) and that colour goes a LONG way. 

•  Oil Pastels 
(Optional, Depending on the style of board you’re doing


• Cotton Bag 
I used two types of cotton bags. One, a “tote” and I tried another cotton drawstring bag. This is just an added “extra” to the project – as a way to keep the rocks and board together. It also presents nicely as a gift – say you should be giving this as a present / cottage hostess gift. . This is purely for function, as in – it makes it a complete “set”. But you can skip this if you just want to have the board out all the time. 

• Iron On Transfer Paper 
I made up a stamp to stamp the bag saying it was a, Tic Tac Toe board. Not totally necessary, but for me it was a nice finishing touch. You can get the same look by downloading my design here, and follow the instructions on your iron on transfer packaging and make your own!

1. Collect rocks!
This is a great step to do with the kids if they are getting in on the fun. 

2. Paint the rocks! I chose to do all X’s in one colour, and all O’s in another
Wait for them to dry and then draw on X’s and O’s with your chalk pen. Within a few minutes, the chalk pen “ink” will have dried, and you can add some gloss to protect it. (Do it too early and the chalk will smudge.) Normal chalk (like you use on the sidewalk) won’t work for this project. It’s much too chalky and if you put any coating over regular chalk, it will absorb the chalk and it will dissapear. This won’t happen with the chalk pen, which is more paint like. If you’re going for the organic look, you can just draw the X’s and O’s directly on the dark rocks. Apply the gloss and watch them instantly become gorgeous!

3. Paint the Wood Slice
I painted the wood slice with black acrylic paint – it needn’t be chalk paint. I experiemented with colour, and tried a very light gray (almost white) paint for another slice, which I thought looked beautiful with the lighter blue rocks. Match it to your decor! It’s so easy, and I used left over paint from other projects for all of these. 

4. Draw The Lines On the Board
I found that when I tried painting the lines on the slices, it was too thick and I wasn’t happy with the look. So I instead used two different methods – I used my chalk pen on the black boards which went on really nicely. For my white backed board – I used a gray oil pastel. 

I used oil pastels for the lines here, because I found black to be too jarring against the soft pale colours of the board and rocks. 

I used oil pastels for the lines here, because I found black to be too jarring against the soft pale colours of the board and rocks. 

5. Extra durability – protect the board
For added durability, you can add a coat of varnish to the board. I used a satin gloss (vs. high gloss that I used for the rocks) because I didn’t want the whole thing to appear shiny. 

6. Make a Carry Bag, Download The Art
If you want to do a bag, you can download my design to the left and buy some iron on transfers to apply the design. Click on the image to enlarge, right click to save it to your computer. Not for resale or professional purposes. Meant solely for home use. 

Last step….. PLAY!

Pssst! See other fun kids craft ideas over on my Pinterest board here!

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how to make snow covered pinecones

When I walk Oscar to school in the morning I always find myself picking up one of two pine-cones in the schoolyard that have fallen from the pine trees. I knew I’d try a craft with them, initially thinking I’d paint them, but I decided to try something different using white puffy paint. 

I wanted to make the pinecones look like they had snow on them, so I added a dab of white puff paint to each leaf of the pinecone, as if the pinecone had been sitting out in the garden, after a snowfall – I consider where would the snow have fallen on it – so that’s where I squeeze some paint. 

Let the puff paint try, and then arrange on the mantle or as a part of another scene and you have a pretty ridiculouly cute decor. 

Ps., You can find pinecones in most garden centres this time of year too for not that much $

I picked up my puffy paint at Michael’s, but it’s a common stock item at all craft stores!
Example: Walmart,  Amazon (You can use fabric puff paint – it totally doesn’t matter!)

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Craft Cupboard Cleanout

download (22)

Saturday afternoon Oscar and I organized our craft cupboard. I’ve never posted it before because it looked like a bomb went off in it, and no one could go in except I, as only I knew how to take things out, like Jenga – so nothing would fall out. I decided the cupboard was originally designed for Oscar – Part of the reason we extended the counter into the eat in kitchen was to gain extra storage space for things like this. Anyways, I needed to address making it more easy to find things. I added in more shelves from Ikea, went to the dollar store and stocked up on more craft supplies so the cupboard was stocked better and, emptied it all out so I saw what we were working with.

download (23) download (24) download (25) download (26)
I collect jars – Jam jars, pickle jars (the best) as they are awesome for storing items in. Although I prefer big plastic bins for markers and crayons, as you have to sort to find the best colours – jars are great for dollar store craft items like wood balls, sticks, pegs and glitter. On one of the doors I cut a page protector in half and taped it to the door, so it was a clean pocket to hold Oscar’s sticker collection. In plain sight – more likely to get used.

We do a lot of crafts on the floor. I find it more fun than at the table, you can spread out.

Cleaning the cupboard led to painting in the kitchen, and then a big bubble bath afterwards to clean up the boy. 😉 Anyhow, if this post is about anything, it’s to encourage you to save those pickle jars and also, to buy a bunch of random craft supplies to have on hand, even if you have no immediate plans to use them. That leads to the best creative projects.