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Garage Build, Painting our exterior doors

I’m back from lovely Mexico! More on that later. For now here’s an update on our garage…

We got our doors and I proceeded to paint with my paint sprayer, in this paint that Aubrey picked up – recommended to him for exterior doors. 

I spent a TON of time prepping and then got to work spraying. 

Looking good right? 

No. Not looking good. When I went to peel off the painters tape, the paint started pulling off in sheets!

This is when started cursing. And texting angry things to Aubrey about how I hated the door. 

I sanded and peeled the door and right before leaving for Mexico I primed it prepping for a second paint attempt. But this time NOT black. When I stared at the doors, in all their peeling glory – black was too harsh of a colour to go with. So it’s back to the drawing board. 

Im not sure why the doors peeled. The paint was paint + primer in one – which is never my favourite but I thought I’d give it a go. Fingers crossed the next attempt works out better.

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Garage Build – Designing from scratch

I haven’t written much about the design process behind our garage so I thought I’d take a post to babble on about it and share my “ah-ha” moments that helped me along the way. Having never designed something from scratch I’ve fretted about design decisions for this build through each phase. Mid way through I realized that I had to separate details of what I loved vs. liked, looks of buildings I thought were fabulous – and ones I knew were appropriate (and affordable) for us. Once I compiled ideas (and, in the end, choices I was sure of) I would communicate them to Aubrey (sketches / sending him Pins) and he would then work with the engineer on drawing. It’s like a puzzle – trying to find inspiration of builds that would look good in our space, yet tweaked here and there as no two properties are the same. Here was my process, which isn’t much different than a process for interiors.  

Search for images of inspiration – without really looking for inspiration.  Weird, I know. But here’s the thing – don’t focus on the specifics of a picture, but if you like it – save it. Eventually as you’ve collected images of inspiration, you’ll start to see a pattern of things that you like.

I started to realize that my vision for our garage was very Hamptons or, Nantucket. Who knows if those are proper design terms, likely not, but still – it was a keyword that helped me in my search.  By adding “Nantucket” into the search, opened a world of inspiration images not otherwise coming up in my searches. Perhaps your look is modern, country, classic, the terms don’t have to be “proper” but find a term that summarizes your style. In the end the common denominators in my photos were the combinations of shingles, board and batten exteriors and gray siding. Three major pieces to the puzzle that were decided having searched pinterest for hours upon hours liking photos. 

So knowing those three things I liked helped – 1. The siding (Board and Batten) 2. Cedar shake shingles incorporated into the peak of the roof and 3. A gray exterior paint. Then it was time to communicate that to our builders. Turns out the shingles are an additional cost, but I think – well worth it. We’ve asked them to be left untouched so they weather as we’d like. Then the build of the garage, in board and batten (vs. traditional siding) is once again an additional cost once again (the story of my life) but I think it will look more classic and, true to the beachy look I’d like. An expense that I think is well worth it and hard to fake, change later down the line. So, that was an additional expense we went with. (It wasn’t astronomical – I think $400 extra) But then 3. the gray paint we had to narrow down, and that is what we did this weekend:

[MY DECISIONS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT] Board and Batten / Shingles at the top of the peak / Gray Exterior 

The board and batten and shingles are in the hands of the builders but the paint colour is in my hands. So this weekend I set out to pick a colour. And stressed over it for days. 

At first I liked Collingwood (OC-28) But then it seemed light and I gravitated towards Revere Pewter. 

Aubrey, annoyed at how long this is taking.

In the end I chose Revere Pewter. I did a search on Pinterest to see how exteriors looked with it, and I’m feeling optimistic.  It seems to have some warmth to it – which I was looking for, vs. a stark, cold gray. It also seems to be a rather popular colour for interiors – so I’m hoping it works well outside as well!


Anyhow, just some sharing of the process! The guys plan on building this week – so I’ll be back with updates. 

xo Linds

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Garage Build Day 3 + 4

We have some more progress on the garage!  

Late last week the guys came back and installed some wire sand rebar into the form for the concrete pad. I’m not too sure what it’s for – the lovely part about hiring someone else to do it, is you trust the process. We called our city inspector to come and sign off on this stage, and all was approved. Which brought us to “Day 4” which happened today …  


It’s quite exciting. I debated putting my hand print (and Oscar’s) somewhere discrete but I didn’t want to ruin it. So I left it be. I may have been stalking our garden to make sure no one else was tempted to profess their everlasting love to their partner with initials in the concrete. At the time of writing this post in bed at 11pm, the concrete was still safe. Huzzah! Nothing too exciting I guess but progress is exciting!