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Slow + Steady

I started priming our bookshelves. Wheee. I know. Exciting.


I’m taking my time in order to make sure there are no drips, it’s painted evenly, and there in the end, awesome. Unfortunately there was a little mixup with the shelves for the bookcase and, well, all but 4 of them don’t fit. The company said that new shelves will be coming this week, so fingers crossed.*

*Some people have asked who made our shelves. I really want to give you an honest review of the company, but since the job of the bookcases isn’t done just yet, I’m refraining from giving my 2 cents. We give props where they are deserved, and the company will get a huge shout out, but since there are some things outstanding, I’m refraining from posting their name. (Does that make sense?)

In My House

It’s been a long time coming….

Our bookshelves!


It will be almost 1 year to the date of this post that we will have them delivered! We ordered them last week. It was a bit scary signing on the dotted line, having talked about it for so long. The Bookcases will be built in MDF and we’ll be painting them ourselves. (Having them painted for us was going to double the cost, so I’m whipping out the old paint brush) I cannot express how excited I am to have these. (Click here to read more about what on earth this is all about)