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Reveal! Our super tiny washroom renovation

So it’s time to reveal our washroom renovation. ūüôā I am¬†so, so, so¬†happy with how it turned out. Every night I have a bubble bath and unwind and I look around and feel like I’m in a fancy hotel. Although I designed the room (picking the finishes, faucets etc) Aubrey did¬†all the work¬†making it come together. So here is a full reveal of the room, now that everything has been installed.

The main design decision that impacted the space was deciding to bump out the washroom wall into the hallway  to make extra room for the vanity. This allowed us to have a nook where the vanity would fit and give us more floor space in the washroom. It was absolutely the best decision.

In the shot above you can also see how all of our choices came together. The 2″ hexagon marble floor compliments the porcelain marble “look a like” tile that we carried onto the face of the bathtub. The trim is bright white and the walls – Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. Grays and whites – all working together.

Vanity Lighting:¬†One thing that was a bit concerning was that we had zero space for any vanity lighting. We ended up doing a single pot light right in the middle of the alcove. I’m happy to say that it gives off enough beautiful light. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We purposefully dropped the ceiling in the alcove to be the same height as the door, so it worked together, but also so that the potlight was close enough to where we stood to give off enough light. If we had made it much higher, we likely would not have as nice a light source. (See animated gif below)

The mirrorРoh, the mirror. I had quotes of getting one custom made (close to $300, framed) searched high and low in retail stores. Nothing was right Рor if it was, it was too expensive. I stopped into a Hotel Liquidators and low and behold they had the mirror above for sale for $15. Sold. Aubrey glued it to the wall and it looks like it was custom cut for our room.

Our vanity is gorgeous and it was pretty reasonable coming in around $500 (that includes the vanity and sink, not the faucet). In terms of function – this vanity hits all of the right notes.¬†I love that the sink portion is flat – which means that you really have a full counter in front of you if you’re doing makeup. You don’t have to rest things on the side of the sink – as the interior basin is flat. I love that we went with zero handles, as it saves the floor space and I can get up closer to the sink. The only downfall is, that since we have no overhang of the sink – if water drips off the sink it drips onto the front of the drawers which is occasionally annoying.

I LOVE having drawers – they can store a ton of (my) things. Aubrey has one side, I have the other and the bottom drawer (not shown open) houses extra toilet paper, bubble bath, toys for Oscar.

And there you have it – Our bathroom reno! ūüôā


Porcelain Shower Tile: Manufacturer: Cerim, Style Name: Precious Pearl 

2″ Hexagon Marble Floor:¬†The Tile Store

Bathtub:¬†Jaccuzi Soaker 60″ x 32″ drop in – purchased at Lowes

Toilet: Kohler Memoirs (I LOVE this toilet) purchased at Lowes

Vanity: Veneto Bath 690C in Walnut  Purchased at Bath City, Beaches Location

Three Way Shower System and faucet:  TAPS 

Robe Hooks and toilet paper holder: Kraus Aura Line, Home Depot Online  (online only)

Shower Curtain and Liner: HomeSense

Shower Rod and Rings: Target

Towels: HomeSense

Mirror: Advance Hotel Liquidator 

Paint: Classic Gray for the Walls, Chantilly Lace for the trim (Both Benjamin Moore)

Drywall:¬†Joe¬† (He’s done our basement, our kitchen and now our bathroom)

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Happy Friday! The washroom is slooooowly coming together. There are a few missing pieces like finding the right hooks and installing a mirror above the sink and up until yesterday there was no shower curtain (but I found one at HomeSense that I adore…And it is obviously white) Although I love showing progress shots I really want to show a grand “Ta-da!!” for this washroom. I think because it’s so small, I just want to reveal it all at once. So I think I’m at a stage where I’m going to hold off on more shots until I nail down the last two details! Wheee!

Speaking of washrooms – check out these gorgeous bathroom accessories I spotted at HomeSense (Eglinton and Laird) yesterday. Acrylic gorgeousness (that I bought for our washroom) and faux marble pieces that are ridiculously awesome.

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progress on the bathroom reno

bathroom reno

We’re making progress on the washroom! The floor tile is in and grouted, the walls have been painted, and Aubrey is setting up the shower today – possibly even the vanity.¬†It has taken us way longer than we anticipated but we’ve also made a point to enjoy our summer – throwing BBQ’s, going to the cottage, taking a day off here or there when we need a break. Excited to show you more “reveal” photos soon. But I’m even more excited to have a BATH.Ps., ¬†I’ll be doing a shopping guide at the end so if you want to know exact wall colours or where we bought things I’ll list everything in the room. In the meantime….you¬†can go through some of the washroom posts you can see where things came from.