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Abstract Art with Kids

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One other project I attempted to do with Oscar last week was some abstract painting. Selfishly I wanted some art for the house, and I love the look of black and white art – but wanted to do it with Oscar as I though it would be fun, but I also thought having a child beside me would make me loosen up my brush strokes. Kids are awesome at not caring what a final piece looks like, so Oscar was my support in “loosening up”. 😉 The results were ridiculously awesome in my opinion and I want to frame them all through my house.

Here is what we used to do it: 
1. Watercolour Paper (It’s expensive for a kids project but the thickness of the paper is beautiful)
2. Black acrylic paint
3. Old Bowl / Tin (See top photo)
4. Big Paint Brushes (Dollar Store)

Getting the paint right:
All I did was watered down the black acrylic paint with some water to make it slightly more of a watercolour vs. acrylic paint – I knew we’d get some more variation in colour that way. I originally thought I’d buy black watercolour paint but a small tube was ridiculously expensive. So I opted for the acrylic. Kids art paint seemed to thin, and I worried it wouldn’t dry nicely. So I opted for acrylic that sits on the middle in terms of cost.

The watercolour paper is really beautiful – and I thought is we were to frame a piece, having a nice paper would be beautiful. Plus, the watered down paint sits beautifully on watercolour paper. So that’s something I think is integral in the success of this.

I did one piece to show Oscar he could do whatever he wanted and talked about abstract paintings. But he didn’t really care. So then it was just the two of us splashing paint on paper. Oscar painted a piece of the paper ALL black which at first I tried to stop but then was like, whatever, because that’s what painting is all about. We got some awesome pieces out of the event and one ended up framed in our living room (that I’m still updating…sloooowly)

Anyhow, I thought I’d post it as it was a ridiculously easy project to do, but the tricks of the watercolour paper and the acrylic paint I thought were worthwhile highlighting.

xo Linds

In Business/ Updates

growing the business…

Today is my 8th anniversary of marrying Aubrey, and also, the official date that I started my business. Two major life moments that have turned out to get sweeter with age.

It’s fitting to me that on the anniversary of starting my company, I reveal a new development in my business. As of a few weeks ago I signed with an art publisher. An art publisher is a company that produces high quantities of art for retailers. As an artist this is an amazing opportunity because I get to create but let my publisher take care of all of the other details such as selling, printing, shipping.

Let me stop here to explain that I’m trying to write this post in a semi-professional way, but for the moment, let me stop, do a dance around my office, squeal a little bit with excitement, and I will now sit back down and compose myself.

This is something I feel is perfect for my brand. Just a few short months ago I made a decision to regroup & refocus on what I truly enjoy – creating art, and building my company. Although I’m beyond excited, I’m also somewhat nervous. For any artist reading this, that feeling should come as no surprise. Even after 8 years of creating art there are always nerves when putting work in front of a new audience.

I’ll still be selling prints in my shop, but what this art publisher will be able to produce is unlike anything I can create myself – huge canvases, framed prints – it’s amazing and I’m so excited. I’ll be updating my website with stores where you may be able to find my work. But for now, I just wanted to announce this huge new development. Yay! xoxo Linds