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Southworks Antiques, Cambridge Ontario

Aubrey and I were out in the Cambridge area on Sunday. With a few hours to spare I googled “Antique stores” and found Southworks Antiques.  It was pretty fun place visit, but even before walking through the doors, my thrifting self knew that I wasn’t going to be going here for deals. Instead, this is a spot where people have already “picked” items and are displaying them in booths for you to shop. The pro to visiting a place like this, is that if you’re looking for some “ah-ha’s” for your home – unique things to decorate with, you will find something. I almost guarantee it. The downside is, it’s not the same as the pricing in Cottage country or, thrift shops in Toronto. So if you’re going for a deal, it’s not really you’re spot. But if you’re going with looking for really cool stuff to add some “ah-ha’s” to your home, then this is your place. I fell in love with the vintage milk bottles above for their interesting logo design, how great would those be in a kitchen as a collection?

Globes, Trophy’s, Vintage Art, and more – it really had it all. I’ve uploaded some photos that I snapped to my blog’s facebook page, should you be interested in seeing more. Sometimes I just go for ideas – inspiration. Walking around I got a ton of ideas for how to add my own hits of fun to our home. Obviously you know my love of Etsy – it allows shop keepers like those at Southworks to show their wares. So I found some vintage milk bottles like those at Southworks available online. As you can see the pricing at Southworks wasn’t far off what people are selling certain things for online. (But you have to factor in shipping).