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Summer Sale – Save 25%

It’s time to move some product to make room for new! Pop over to LindsayStephenson.Shop and stock up on pillows, bedding, swaddles, cribs sheets – anything in our Summer Sale Section and you get 25% off! If you’re interested in the bedding, I’d grab it now as it’s no longer in stores and I have the last of the inventory (which is not much!) Enter the promo code SUMMERSALE to save at the checkout. 

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New York, New York

Did I mention I was going to do the National Stationery Show in New York? It has been a little bit of a whirlwind from deciding to do it, to leaving on the plane to returning. I had binged on other people’s posts over the years in hopes of one day attending, created Pinterest boards on booth designs and tried to absorb as much info as I could prior to doing it. When it finally came time to sign on the dotted line and do it, it was pretty much go-go-go from that moment on.

It was around December that I decided to just do the show.

I felt that after having done the One Of A Kind Show Christmas market a few years back, a show like the Stationery Show was kind of a walk in the park. But there were very different stresses. Continue Reading →

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Jardin De Ville Spring / Summer collection

We’re planning our back deck remodel (we’ve been planning it for 10 years) and I’m hoping to share some updated shots of what we’re going (planning / wishing) to do. Part of the planning of the deck has been trying to visualize how we’re going to use the deck – which is hard, given that I’m a ding dong with spacial planning. Until the deck is actually built, I’m stuck in a state of just dreaming of how we will use it. But I have an idea that I’d like it to be used as a lounge area, with deep seating where Aubrey and I can sit and just enjoy the Spring / Summer / Fall season until the Canadian Winter puts us in a snow globe. It’s because of our short enjoyment of the seasons that I feel like we should focus on enjoying our space outdoors and, make it comfortable.

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