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Shopping Guide | Easter

Easter is official one month away! It is one of my favourite holidays, next to Valentine’s Day. It’s just pure fun and excitement seeing kids race around looking for Easter Eggs. Then dinner with the family and sneaking chocolates throughout the day. Here are some of my window shopping finds for Easter. First, there’s the beautiful baby toy that would be PERFECT for Baby’s first Easter.  Dylan’s Candy Store Easter Box would be perfect as a hostess gift if you were going to someone’s home for Easter Dinner. This Easter basket would be perfect for Baby’s first Easter, or as a gift for a niece or nephew, filled with goodies. I couldn’t let this shopping guide go without putting our Easter Bunny Pin Set in there, perfect as a little gift for a young adult or – parent. This box of Truffle Eggs would be a perfect gift for Grandma.

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Blogging like it’s 2004

I’m not quite sure what it is, or, what has shifted, but I’m actually feeling back to my old self of blogging – to the days where I didn’t feel like there was a formula or, audience reading the post. The way I used to write in 2004. I once again feel the enjoyment of it and I’m less concerned about presentation of a post and just genuinely sharing random things that I love.  I don’t wait for a comment any longer because my joy of a post is no longer whether someone feels the need to reply, but it’s in the process of putting it together.

I used to do this – waaaay back when. But then the blog world go weird, I lost my love of it and fell into this weird “in between” space – somewhere between the boom of blog popularity to the shift to Instagram. But I like to write, I like to compile things I love – my blog is my hobby. It’s nice to be back at it with a positive mindset.

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Crafts to do on March Break with Kids

Sticking around town for the March Break? Here is a roundup of some fun things you can do! The top two projects we've done, and below are some other ones that are on our project list for this March Break.

Make your own DIY Tic Tac Toe Board using paint and rocks. Tip: Grab Wood slices here!

Grab an art spinner. We have one and it has provided a ton of hours of fun. Available here

My Mom pulled out this Sheila McGraw book, that we always looked through when we were little. I used to LOVE Papier Mache but I feel like the craft project isn't as popular these days. This March Break I'm going to get Oscar into it after my Mom reminded me of how much fun it was. There are so many great projects in this book for kids to feel inspired to do some papier mache. I HIGHLY recommend the book. And if you want some more advance projects here's her adult version. 

I did this project some time ago but it's still one of the most popular projects on the blog. Click on the picture to be brought to the project! You'll need some supplies and it makes for a really entertaining afternoon!

We bought one of these Hey Clay kits a few months ago and I was really impressed with the quality and colour selection of the air dry clay. The cool thing with this set is that you can connect to their app and make the creatures come to life.