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New necklaces

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my newest creative exploration into jewelry. I’ve been looking for long, affordable, beautiful gold necklaces and was having a hard time finding something I loved. So I made my own. I tend to do that. 😉 Here’s my post from Instagram, and you can find them over on the or, xoxo

“I could never find beautiful gold necklaces that were long enough for me. Or affordable. So I decided to design my own. (They’re over on @pennypaperco) ✨ I wore them out tonight for an event and I keep touching them with love. One says “mama” because that’s the first thing our babies usually call us, and I’m lucky that I still get called it today. The other is my sun rising charm – inspired by the last year of living mindfully, seeking a healthier life both physically and mentally. Every day the sun sets and rises and we have a clean slate. ✨

As an artist it’s hard to sometimes do new things. A lot of my work is cute, and kid inspired. But I’m also inspired by my friends, my family, and travel. I’m grateful that I don’t have to rely on another company to pick up on my designs to make something. Sometimes you just have to make it yourself. Meaning – don’t wait for someone else to give you the permission to do something. Just do it and figure it out. Xo”

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Etsy Favourites / Jewelry Edition

I’ve been browsing Etsy the past few days –  reorganizing my favourite items. My old page of favourites moved and is now here and I’m feverishly adding things I want to collections.  One of the things I’m drawn to right now is jewelry – I’m a sucker for great necklace and earrings, many of my new favourites below.  Rings are harder for me because I seem to have monster fingers that nothing fit on. As a side note —- I’ve been googling how to make my own rings…. the school of YouTube has been trying to teach me. I may tackle that DIY this Summer when I can be outdoors in the studio and take some time to learn a new craft. Until then, here are some of my faves!

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