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Pink Top / Yellow Top / Phone Case / Earrings (I own these. I admit. But I’m saving onto them for Halloween)

I blame it on the Kardashians. I wish I didn’t have to admit that. But I will. I saw Kim Kardashian sporting the ugliest neon outfits like six months ago, maybe a year. And I was like “WTF is that”. But I also thought to myself, “this is going to become a trend”. An as an 80’s kid, I was kind of, secretly excited.  (I mean, our outfits were kind of awesome) As a designer, you start to pin point where trends start and more often than not it’s with fashion. Then into accessories, home goods, and so on. So if you see a trend on the runway, even if in the wildest of outfits, you will see it maybe incorporated in more subtle ways – like on an iphone case. So although I’m kind of digging the neon, I can see incorporating it more into my life via subtle ways as opposed to a bright sweater or a watch.

Swatch Watches

I’s definitely not for everyone, but there’s no denying that neon is making a comeback. I should have held onto my awesome neon ski suit from the 80’s and I’d totally be in fashion.

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Healthy Living / All Natural Home & Body Products

2019 is my year for trying to choose healthier options. I’m slowly replacing things in my cupboard or pantry as they are used up and replacing them with healthier alternatives. One of the changes I’ve brought into my home has all natural cleaning products.

My friend Stacey from LoveFresh has the best line of all natural products and this past fall, her company expanded their body care line into soap bars and home cleaning products – in addition to their line existing line of natural deodorants, shampoos, lotions and their baby line.

What I use daily:

House Cleaner //  I use the dish soaps and new spray cleaners (OB-SESSED) daily. They are infused with the most beautiful scents and make you feel good about cleaning with natural ingredients, but they also get the job done and make your house smell ridiculously fresh.

Deodorant // I go between the Rose Deodorant and the Super Strength one. I’m on a Rose kick these days (I can’t get enough of it) but I also am obsessed with the scent of cedar and saffron – that the extra strength one has. When Oscar gets older, and needs deodorant he will not be using an of the chemical ones, and the Super Strengh one is a perfect scent for guys (or, the unscented). If you’re unsure about whether it works (it does) or if you like a scent (you will surely find one you will like, opt for a travel size first to get a feel for it. 

Available through / / and local retailers

Who I Read For Healthy Choices:  Check out Karalynne’s Instagram page – @Just.Ingredients for some great info on what to choose to bring into your home or, put on your skin, or feed your family. It has been a bit of an eye opener for me!

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Spring Wardrobe Refresh | No. 1

Top / Jeans / Loafers / Rainboots / Necklace Charm

I’m getting a few new pieces for my wardrobe and am trying to buy quality pieces over the fast fashion that I perhaps indulged in over the years. My friend Erin reintroduced me to JCrew and the fact that they ship to Canada and they pay the duties (um. hello. awesome!) I have purchased a few things (like that top above, and a pair of heels) and if the size is wrong or your don’t like them – you can return them to any Canadian Jcrew store.