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Halloween Party Prep

No. 1 Blood Bag Reusable Drink Containers  /No. 2 Skull /No. 3 Smoke Machine  /No. 4 60″ Skeleton Cutout  / No. 5 Inflatable Spider / No. 6  Rubber Bats / No. 7 Candy! /

Fall was in the air in Toronto and now it’s back to feeling like Summer again. Which is terribly lovely –  as before we know it the temperature will drop, the winds will pick up and the weather starts becoming less and less pleasant (not to mention darker, and darker earlier and earlier in the days). One of our favourite holidays growing up was Halloween as my little brother Peter adored it – and still does. I’m loving it watching it through Oscar, and he’s asked that we host a Halloween party this year. I’m not sure if I’m up to it, but I started to look on for Halloween goodies and found some of these that have made their way into my cart. The smoke machine would be brilliant for on our porch or, in our garden should we host the party. The Rubber bats remind me of some similar ones I had as a child – and my beloved bat would hang out with my Barbies. So they are obviously in my shopping cart too. Do you host any Halloween Parties? Any suggestions? One Halloween party I recall my Mother gave us all toilet paper rolls and told us to make our teams into “Mummies”. It was hilarious and fun – so if (and that’s a strong “if”) we host a party, I’d for sure do the toilet paper. 😉

Here are some ideas gathered for hosting / celebrating Halloween! 

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new online store

Exciting news! We’ve launched an online store for all of our Lindsay Stephenson collection items. Baby bedding, Swaddles, Baby Lotions and Washes – you can now find them all at www.LindsayStephenson.Shop.  This will be great for my US friends who have been asking about the line – we launched this dedicated store for you. But also on the launch of the store, we’re seeing pictures of our friends in the USA, saying they’ve seen the pillows in TJ Maxx, so AMAZING! If you spot them, send me a picture or tag me on Instagram (@LindsayStephenson). I’d love to see what you spot! xo

Ps., framed art coming soon!

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Halloween Has Launched…

Halloween has launched over on The Penny Paper Co! I know it’s early for some shoppers, but since we now deal with wholesale (so selling to stores, not just consumers) our launching date for collections is way earlier so stores can shop and merchandise. Most companies like me, actually debit their Halloween / Fall WAY earlier, but I’m not that on the ball so … well. There’s that. But anyhow, if you’re a fan of Halloween (which my little brother Pete is) than you’ll be most excited to see the line! One of my favourites …. the new acrylic keychains. AH-MA-ZING.

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Fall Accents from H&M

I’m browsing H&M for some Fall clothes, and am always drawn to their Home Department. Their Fall collection is out and above are some items I’ve fallen for. I sense a huge trend in Acorns this year – it started to pop up last year but I think it will continue to be something we see in decor,as well as pinecones – maybe it’s their organic shapes being brought into the home that are away of bringing in some mod outdoorsy looks.

I’m particularly drawn to the price points at H&M, which makes the infusion of some new fresh accessories not a huge hit on the bank. Even with all my window shopping I’m holding back on adding much new to my home, as I’ve been feeling the need to purge and pair down. But a few of those black accents may be calling my name…

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health + beauty purchases I love

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I’m a low fuss makeup, beauty routine person. I’ve been itching to dive into makeup and try some natural ways of highlighting features, but in all honesty I prefer the natural glow of skin, some gloss on my lips and at most a flick of mascara on my lashes. Over the Summer I’ve added a few new items to my beauty routine and as we get into the school year and routines, I’m hoping to get into my own routine of health and taking care of my skin. I’ve partnered with to tell you about things I think you may like, but since I’m such a shopper on the site I can actually share things I’ve purchased, and continue to use. So are some things that I’ve purchased from over the last year that are a part of my daily routine.

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to the coast

We packed up the child, loaded the car and headed off on a road trip across Canada – destination, the coast. This Summer it is the East. I’m looking forward to doing the West sometime soon. I have salty hair, a child that is experiencing an amazing summer, and a husband that is an expert at navigating roads and booking hotels. You can follow along on Instagram or follow the hashtag #ToTheCoast2017. Now to fall asleep to the Ocean waves crashing on the beach.