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New product!! Retro Sticker Books (with peel back pages!)

So I’ve been searching for a retro sticker book forever, with no luck. You know the ones that have pull back pages, so you can protect your awesome collection. After over a year of searching I realized the only way to get one for myself was to have them manufactured. I was sure that my obsession wasn’t limited to me, so I decided to make it myself.

I hoped that I’d find like minded, retro obsessed people who were also looking for a retro style sticker book. Six months of research and development and they FINALLY arrived, and I’m so flipping excited! The sticker book is the perfect place to store your stickers, just like these new ones I also designed inspired by my love of the old school scratch and sniff stickers. 🙂

Available: The Penny Paper Co. | and our Etsy Shop
See how these were made over on our TikTok Page 


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Easter Decor

I got in all of these awesome goodies for the shop, and realized that the vendor photographs didn’t do them justice, or, show their scale really all that well so I’m trying to show my faves in a table setting, which gets me super excited for EASTER!

How cute are these mini peep tins? Inside are hard candies that are in the shape of…PEEPS. And have a marshmallow flavour. Cuuuuute.

This little windup bunny I snapped a photo of with my phone, because how sweet would it be for everyone to have a wind up bunny on their place setting for Easter dinner!?? TOO CUTE.

Pop over to the shop to grab some of the sweet Easter goodies that you can stock up on for your Easter dinner! xoxox