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New Patches

I recently did a talk at my alma mater, Trent University, Lady Eaton College to a group of students about life after University and the world of self employment. When explaining my company, and the breakdown of the three brands it entails (Penny Paper Co., Lindsay Stephenson Collection and The MOQ Agency) I talked about how The Penny Paper Co. was my heart. The reason being (providing finances allow) if I come up with a product idea I can run with it and do it.  I come up with ideas and can run with them as I like, which is CRAZY fun. Alternatively the other brands I have less control over – the bedding and swaddles are picked by others, and the MOQ we’re creating product for others. All unique and fun, but with the Penny Paper Co. I can do rainbow patches if I feel like doing rainbow patches. Huzzah! Which leads me to … Rainbow Patches! We launched some patches – if you couldn’t tell. Pop over here to see. xo 

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snapshots from the studio

I’ve been itching to screen print some t-shirts for quite some time now. So….. after watching some YouTube videos and familiarizing myself with the whole process, I decided to finally just try to do some t-shirts and stop being so afraid to try something new. This past week was a perfect opportunity to dip my toes into the water and test it out, as I’ve been hiding at home, feeling somewhat sorry myself after having a tooth yanked out at the dentist.

I’m obsessed. I encourage you to binge watch YouTube videos to teach yourselves things, and just try. For that is the best way to learn. (For me at least!)

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New at The Penny Paper Co.

A few new products have rolled out in the shop like these new pins  annnnd we've expanded into new awesome retailers! Now you can find our wares in hopefully a store near you, so you can save on shipping costs and support your local stores in your neighbourhood. If you have a store close to you that you think would be a fit - I'd LOVE to know so I can reach out and introduce the line. I'm grateful for all of the support, and I constantly knock on wood that I get to turn illustrations into "things".  The fancy flamingo pin is flying (no pun intended) out the door, and the Pigeon is Oscar's favourite pin (he helped me design it, as pigeons are his favourite bird) xo Linds

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Protecting your outdoor furniture


I loved our Lowe’s outdoor set so much that I wanted to protect the cushions from rain, animal foot prints and the falling leaves from the willow tree (which I’ve notice, tends to stain fabrics.) When you have outdoor furniture – especially sets that have cushions, I’ve come to the realization it’s almost necessary to invest in covers.  If you have outdoor cushions, you may be familiar with the “rain run” – when it starts to rain and your cushions are out. Although it’s outdoor fabric, cushions do tend to soak up water. Making for soggy bums if you sit on them too soon.

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coffee in bed

It’s that time of year where people who blog tend to reflect on the past year, and, the state of blogging as they see it. I don’t usually take much notice to these posts but perhaps I have so lately, as I feel like I’m one of those blogs that have lost their way. So I thought I’d reflect on my own place on the internet. I’ve realized that my focus on my website/ blog has changed and I feel like I owe this place, my sweet blog, a little attention and apology to those of you who read.

I think I feel some guilt because this website used to be my blog and only my blog. It was designed to accommodate searches for past posts and show home tours from every which angle. I used to do waaaaaay more projects and was of course, decorating our house. But over time my business (which isn’t my blog) started to grow and I started to find myself putting more and more energy into business projects & collaborations. As a result this website changed too. This website has changed like a chameleon, adapting to a world that is changing around me. The blog is now more of a compliment to the site, instead of being the main attraction as it once was.

So where does that bring me. Well, no where different from where I was before, I still love to blog and will continue to. And I’ll continue to blog – but I think it will be a different type of blogging and I haven’t figured out exactly what that is, or, how it will come about. But I’m sure, in a year, I’ll reflect and be able to articulate what the change was. 😉

xo Linds