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New at The Penny Paper Co.

A few new products have rolled out in the shop like these new pins  annnnd we've expanded into new awesome retailers! Now you can find our wares in hopefully a store near you, so you can save on shipping costs and support your local stores in your neighbourhood. If you have a store close to you that you think would be a fit - I'd LOVE to know so I can reach out and introduce the line. I'm grateful for all of the support, and I constantly knock on wood that I get to turn illustrations into "things".  The fancy flamingo pin is flying (no pun intended) out the door, and the Pigeon is Oscar's favourite pin (he helped me design it, as pigeons are his favourite bird) xo Linds

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Protecting your outdoor furniture


I loved our Lowe’s outdoor set so much that I wanted to protect the cushions from rain, animal foot prints and the falling leaves from the willow tree (which I’ve notice, tends to stain fabrics.) When you have outdoor furniture – especially sets that have cushions, I’ve come to the realization it’s almost necessary to invest in covers.  If you have outdoor cushions, you may be familiar with the “rain run” – when it starts to rain and your cushions are out. Although it’s outdoor fabric, cushions do tend to soak up water. Making for soggy bums if you sit on them too soon.

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coffee in bed

It’s that time of year where people who blog tend to reflect on the past year, and, the state of blogging as they see it. I don’t usually take much notice to these posts but perhaps I have so lately, as I feel like I’m one of those blogs that have lost their way. So I thought I’d reflect on my own place on the internet. I’ve realized that my focus on my website/ blog has changed and I feel like I owe this place, my sweet blog, a little attention and apology to those of you who read.

I think I feel some guilt because this website used to be my blog and only my blog. It was designed to accommodate searches for past posts and show home tours from every which angle. I used to do waaaaaay more projects and was of course, decorating our house. But over time my business (which isn’t my blog) started to grow and I started to find myself putting more and more energy into business projects & collaborations. As a result this website changed too. This website has changed like a chameleon, adapting to a world that is changing around me. The blog is now more of a compliment to the site, instead of being the main attraction as it once was.

So where does that bring me. Well, no where different from where I was before, I still love to blog and will continue to. And I’ll continue to blog – but I think it will be a different type of blogging and I haven’t figured out exactly what that is, or, how it will come about. But I’m sure, in a year, I’ll reflect and be able to articulate what the change was. 😉

xo Linds

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happy new year

Happy New Year to you! A heartfelt thank you to those who come by to read. 2015 was a lovely year – Oscar started full day at school last September which was likely the biggest adjustment (for me, as well as him).  We spent the Summer swimming in my Mom’s pool, we had lovely trips to the cottage. I launched some new products under the Penny Paper Co. shop,  we started building our studio outside (I cannot wait to show you!) and I did the One Of A Kind Show (and am already signed up for Spring AND next Christmas already). I have some exciting things already in the works for 2016 and look forward to sharing them here on my little space on the web. My best to you and your family this season and see you in 2016.

xo Linds

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Holiday Project Roundup / Homemade Sugar Scrubs

For some reason, oranges remind me of Christmas. Perhaps it’s that those boxes of oranges come out around this time here in Toronto and I proceed to binge on them. Or maybe it is the sweet aroma that lingers from this recipe. It’s a refreshing scent too, so I decided to make some of my own sugar scrub after seeing some recipes online over the last few months. All I used was:

  • sugar,
  • coconut oil,
  • orange essential oil,
  • olive oil and
  • shaved some orange peel into the mix to give it a little extra zest. 

My recipe was a variation on others, I didn’t really follow measurements – instead going with a consistency that works. Coconut oil is ah-ma-zing but expensive, so I added olive oil to offset it a little. But too much olive oil and you’re going to smell like a salad. Not the aroma you’re really going for in this project. 

As much as I am for the Holiday Gift Guides, I like to offset buying with making. Some years I don’t have the time, or, start too late, but this year I’ve been trying to set aside some time to find some EASY DIY Projects.  There is something so, well, “Christmas” about baking and making for those you love.  The aroma is amazing and I like my mixture not being too runny, but it’s a matter of personal preference I think.  The ingredients are all easily found in your neighbourhood, so no running around to little hidden stores across the city. Even Amazon carries most of the items you need! Enjoy!

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This post was originally posted on December 5, 2014. While I’m at the One Of A Kind Show, I’ve put together some of my favourite holiday projects and reposted them for you to enjoy and hopefully inspire! xo Lindsay

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hooked on essential oils

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you may notice that they have the most glorious aroma through the air that instantly calms you – and I started researching how to get some aromatherapy at home. I walked into a store called SAJE at Vaughn Mills and was totally captivated by the aroma and their Nebulizers which disperse essential oils into the air. They were glorious, but also a little pricey for me being such a novice, so I left empty handed. That night I saw this SpaRoom Diffuser on Zulily for pennies and thought it was a good introductory step into the world of diffusers. I didn’t like the essential oils scent that came with the machine, so bought these two essential oil blends online and, fell in love. 

Good Night Blend Via / Stress Relief Blend Via

Good Night Blend Via / Stress Relief Blend Via

You’re getting a little insight into what I need help with the most over here. LOL! The Good Night blend I mixed with Coconut Oil and massaged onto my neck and was instantly calmed (You never put essential oils directly on your skin, you need a carrier oil like Coconut Oil). The Stress Relief I put into my diffuser and it filled the room with the most lovely scent. And with only essential oils in the mix, you know it’s not harmful to you or your little ones to breathe in. Now that I know I love this whole process, I may return to SAJE and pick up this Nebulizer that I love (Or, ask Santa for it) because I want one on every floor of my house. 

I’m not the only one that loves the aromatherapy over here. Since he was a baby, Oscar has loved evening massages before bedtime. I stopped doing it but recently started it up again, when I noticed our bedtime routines were getting out of whack. It’s a lovely tradition to start, as it’s Mom + child bonding time (or, Dad and Baby!) I mix an essential oil (his favourite is lavender) with coconut oil and massage his chest, his legs, toes, fingers and he just goes into a calm state. When he doesn’t want a massage any longer he just says “All done” and we get him into his PJ’s and he drifts into a lovely sleep. 

If you’re new to essential oils, like I was – I picked up this starter set off Amazon that gave me a lovely collection of a variety of essential oils. The Eucalyptus I use on Oscar when he has a cold and it helps his coughing, and the lavender I use for massage. They are so many uses that oils have for families. Also this set includes the two blends that I’m loving right now. 

I also picked up this book that I’m finding pretty interesting. It’s pretty intense, and some of the recipe’s that she gives you in the book are with oils that I’ve never heard of, but it’s still giving me an introductory idea of the world of essential oils. 

Anyhow, the house is smelling lovely and I’m chilled out. 😉 

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