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Amber Lewis for Anthropologie

I’m a huge fan of Amber Lewis who runs Amber Interiors. She’s kind of up there with McGee and Co. for me but even more high end. Whenever she posts, I drop by her shop to see if I can afford anything and it’s always a big NOPE. BUT, she’s come out with a line with Anthropologie which makes her style a little more accessible. Here are some of my faves!

Keane Couch

Marana Lamp

Henderson Dining Table

I’ve been on the hunt for a new kitchen dining table and am obsessed with tables that are a mix between oval and rectangular. McGee and Co. has my dream dining table but the dimensions don’t work (and unfortunately this one is also too big)

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Build-A-Gift – Halloween Style

Hiya, with Oscar back in school I feel like I have regular office hours again and can dedicate some hours of the day to this neglected space. I mean, I’m not sweating it that I’ve neglected here, the blog isn’t a source of income or a business venture, so it typically is the first thing to go, when work levels peak (or you know, a pandemic happens, kid is at home, husband steals your office and you’re kicked to a new workspace in a matter of a week). Enough of that though. I wanted to mention our Halloween Build-A-Gift on – as you may have seen, in the Spring we pivoted the business to bring in other items to compliment our own (like CANDY). It’s actually a really interesting pivot that came out of the necessity to keep the business going, when all of our stores that we sold wholesale to – stopped ordering. Long story short, I’ve never had as much fun as I am these days, in this new path, and I think we’ve found our happy spot of still making cool products and selling to stores, but we’re also now marketing our products alongside other makers we love, on our own retail platform.

This past Summer when Covid hit I saw that this Fall – especially Halloween was going to be different. In industry news, candy makers were also bracing for the Halloween season. Whatever happens – it’s important to have things to look forward to, which is why I came up with our Halloween box. Like our other Build-A-Gift boxes, you can pick and choose each item that goes into a box. So regardless of your budget you can send something fun to a kid, or, someone who is a kid at heart, to add some fun to the holiday.

You can build a gift in our new and improved build-a-gift step by step process on 

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All things pets

We’re officially outnumbered with Pets. We have MakMak who is 16 (she has no instagram account. she refused), Charlie Pickles (turning 3!), Jake (Turning 1 in July) and two snails – Gary and Stephen, who could be 40 years old for all we know. But they are still kicking and loving their slow pace retirement home living in our house. (Sorry, no instagram account for those two either. They are painfully shy) So it should come as no surprise since we love our pets, that I do love some good accessory shopping for them all. Here is an easy peasy roundup of some things I have found and loved.


Fun Stuff

Leashes + Collars

Here are three products that I bought when Jake, our little chihuahua came home that have been SUPER helpful. The playpen is foldable. On a few occasions I had to be out of the house for the full day and my girlfriend Erin brought Jake to her house. The playpen was SUPER easy to pop up, so he had a space he felt was like home, but also a place that Erin could keep him in as a type of crate, if she needed to leave. We’ll use the pop up playpen a lot in the Summer I’m sure. The carrier looks silly, I suppose, but actually really has helped on longer walks with Jake if he gets tired (I mean, he’s super small) So either I, or Oscar, pop him in the carrier.

Things I have and love….

Oh and PS. Love this leash.