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New necklaces

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my newest creative exploration into jewelry. I’ve been looking for long, affordable, beautiful gold necklaces and was having a hard time finding something I loved. So I made my own. I tend to do that. 😉 Here’s my post from Instagram, and you can find them over on the or, xoxo

“I could never find beautiful gold necklaces that were long enough for me. Or affordable. So I decided to design my own. (They’re over on @pennypaperco) ✨ I wore them out tonight for an event and I keep touching them with love. One says “mama” because that’s the first thing our babies usually call us, and I’m lucky that I still get called it today. The other is my sun rising charm – inspired by the last year of living mindfully, seeking a healthier life both physically and mentally. Every day the sun sets and rises and we have a clean slate. ✨

As an artist it’s hard to sometimes do new things. A lot of my work is cute, and kid inspired. But I’m also inspired by my friends, my family, and travel. I’m grateful that I don’t have to rely on another company to pick up on my designs to make something. Sometimes you just have to make it yourself. Meaning – don’t wait for someone else to give you the permission to do something. Just do it and figure it out. Xo”

In Updates

Be kind to yourself

Sorry for the quietness around here. I went through a little detox from social media/ blogging for the last bit.  Sometimes the pace of life needs to shift, and I found myself craving, needing calm, clarity and quiet.

I’m always worried that when these things start to happen – that I feel my moods shift – that it may be an incoming black cloud of depression – which I have experienced in my life. But I found that meditation, self care, saying no to things and keeping life simple seems to have gotten me through that stage, and I’m on the other end feeling lighter and my mind is clearer.

I’m still being kind to myself, and giving myself the permission to not overdo it. I used to think being busy = being successful. That one had to say yes to friends in order to keep friendships. But our priorities in life sometimes shift, and I found myself needing to retreat and enjoy my little man, go swimming as a family after school, go to the cottage with family, take a day off to be with my sister and work at my own pace – which is still sometimes at midnight in bed on my laptop, but it’s not with the feelings of guilt that I had to do something. 

Anyhow, here’s to self care, long hot baths, snuggling with your loved ones, sleeping in on the weekends. I hope that if you ever feel unsure about what direction your life is going, that you give yourself permission to say no to things and let your mind be quiet. I find it’s truly helpful and has gotten me through some gloomy days. xo