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Visit to the Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

I took Oscar out of school yesterday and we went on an adventure down to the Royal Ontario Museum to explore. I think the weather has gotten us into a funk,  he’s been staying for lunches at school so that I can get work done – needless to say I think it has been a lot of indoor time at school, so my Mommy Instincts were to get out of the house for a day and just learn on our own. Oscar took his camera along to document the excursion, and to snap photos of things he liked at the Museum, so that we could print off the photos at home and then try to draw them on our own. Continue Reading →

In Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum

I went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) on Friday with my Mom and Oscar as it was a PD day for the little dude. I forgot how much I loved the ROM. It’s pretty much the best place ever. They do the best exhibits, the place is open and not at all claustephobic (I get overwhelmed with big crowds etc) but even on such a busy day as most kids in the city had the day off, once you got past the major line to get in – it wasn’t crowded at all. I got so excited being there that I bought a family membership because I have plans on going back solo to wander exhibits and just find inspiration within their walls.

Oscar really wanted to see the dinosaurs. We just chose the dino exhibit and the Egypt (my Mom wanted to see the Mummies!)* and then we went home. We snapped a ton of pictures…
*Side note, the Mummy was a wee bit scarier than I remembered and I was like “Don’t draw attention to it, don’t draw attention to it” for fear that if I did, Oscar would get spooked. Then he walked up to it, said ‘ “Hey! There’s someone in there!” and then walked away. Well, that went better than I thought. But I’m still haunted by the Mummy.

And then came home to draw some of the things that we saw.

Ps., This may be so weird but Oscar and I continue to laugh at this monkey… who looks like he’s smiling for the camera. “SAY CHEEEEEEESE!”

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vacation in your own city

download (9) download (10) download (11)Two nights ago Aubrey and I packed our bags and checked into the Fairmont Royal York for a night off in our own city. I did a similar “vacation” with my Mom close to a year ago – the two of us checked into our own rooms, and just relaxed at the hotel (I had meant to blog about it but totally forgot) Anyhow, with Oscar sleeping over with his Uncle Pete and my Mom, Aubrey and I just hung out together like we used to do pre-parenthood.  We walked up to the Eaton Centre and popped into Chapter’s and I picked up two books I had been interested in, and we walked back to the hotel and sat in the Gold Floor lounge and read our books uninterrupted and ate appetizers all night. No shows. No major event. Just quiet, sitting across from each other in a beautiful lounge. It was the best night ever.  The Gold Floor gives you access to private check in, and a lounge that serves coffee, tea, appetizers and desserts – and in the morning, a beautiful buffet of breakfast. All I wanted to do was to sit in the lounge all night and read a book. And that is just what we did. Aubrey and I slept in until 9:30 in the morning. Heaven. When we were going to pick up Oscar from my Mom’s house later on that afternoon we remarked how it was crazy how we felt like we had been away on a vacation – but we were in our own city. I can’t recommend this kind of vacation enough. Just pick a hotel that has amenities that makes it feel luxurious for a night – I’m sure lots of hotels in the city are divine and perhaps we’ll explore others in years to come. But I adore this hotel and really do recommend buying a new book, sitting in the lounge and doing absolutely nothing.

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Fairmont Royal York

fairmont royal york

I love hotels. I’ve stayed in a few really amazing ones in Toronto like Hotel Le Germain (uber modern and cool), The King Edward (so fancy), and last January at the InterContinental (I really loved the room). Three years ago Aubrey and I traveled to Ottawa and stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier and it was amazing. (Highly recommend) and perhaps one of my favourite hotels was the Four Seasons in Costa Rica for our Honeymoon (which we stayed in only for a 2 days because of an emergency back home) Truthfully I’d stay every weekend in a luxurious hotel if my budget allowed. I love the shampoos, the beds, the room service. I seriously LOVE hotels.

So you can understand my excitement when we booked rooms at the Fairmont Royal York for this past weekend. The reason for the stay? My sister and I were having an old’ fashioned girls weekend. On the itinerary was a fancy afternoon tea and then our own rooms on the Gold Floor. Unfortunately there were some major room issues so I can’t really share (or recommend) the awesomeness of the rooms, but what I CAN recommend to you is their Afternoon Tea in the Library Bar. It was lovely! The service was professional yet friendly, the food delicious, the surroundings were perfect. I also had the company of sister, so the tea was perfect.

Have any awesome hotels you recommend? Toronto, or elsewhere that you REALLY loved?

Ps., Like afternoon tea? Here is a list of BLOGTO’s best places for Afternoon Tea in Toronto.

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Sugar Beach, Toronto

sugar beach torontosugar beach toronto 2 sugar beach toronto 3 sugar beach toronto 4
It’s the first day of Summer, and the three of us headed Sugar Beach to explore. There is something appealing about the name “Sugar Beach” and I was excited to see the permanent pink umbrellas. It’s a small beach, and absolutely beautifully maintained. Wondering why it’s called Sugar beach? “The design for Canada’s Sugar Beach, by Claude Cormier Architectes Paysagistes draws upon the industrial heritage of the area and its relationship to the neighbouring Redpath Sugar factory.” (via)

It was perfect weather, not too hot or humid. And thankfuly I brought my good camera and snapped some photos of my boys. The sun was perfect, and Oscar was in an equally perfect mood.

Love these photos because you can see his little chicklet teeth that are coming in. 🙂