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to the coast

We packed up the child, loaded the car and headed off on a road trip across Canada – destination, the coast. This Summer it is the East. I’m looking forward to doing the West sometime soon. I have salty hair, a child that is experiencing an amazing summer, and a husband that is an expert at navigating roads and booking hotels. You can follow along on Instagram or follow the hashtag #ToTheCoast2017. Now to fall asleep to the Ocean waves crashing on the beach.

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California Adventure, Part 3 – Venice Beach + Santa Monica


Our last leg of our trip has us drive from Palm Springs down to Santa Monica, but first stopped first in at Venice Beach, a short hop skip and a jump from Santa Monica (you could walk the boardwalk between the two but we were trying to pack in as much as possible) Venice and, Venice Beach were like a confetti explosion in my brain. I hadn’t really fully prepared myself for it but I was in love. So many different people, walks of life, vibrant colours, things happening around you – I was in love. Continue Reading →

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California Adventure, Part 1 – San Diego Coast

Aub, Oscar and I did a whirlwind exploration trip to California this Summer as a way to curb my obsession with all things Palm Springs. You can’t fly into Palm Springs (yet) direct from Toronto, so one of the ways was to fly direct to San Diego and, do some road tripping to get to my destination. A funny thing happened though – I was totally taken aback with how much I loved what I didn’t set out to see. The coast won my heart and although I loved Palm Springs – I’m still amazed that I’m more enthusiastic about the places I was terribly unenthused to go to. I went with the purpose to shoot some photography for my portfolio but mixed it with family vacation time.
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The Strong Museum, The Museum Of Play


A few months back we took a mini vacation to Rochester, New York overnight to visit the Strong Museum -The Museum of Play. A girlfriend told me about the museum and I quickly hopped on Google to see what it was about. A few weeks later, we did a mini road trip – stayed in a hotel around the corner from the museum and then drove back to Toronto the following day. Oscar has been asking to go back, so it gets his seal of approval. 🙂 See more photos from the museum after the jump.  Continue Reading →

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Visit to the Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

I took Oscar out of school yesterday and we went on an adventure down to the Royal Ontario Museum to explore. I think the weather has gotten us into a funk,  he’s been staying for lunches at school so that I can get work done – needless to say I think it has been a lot of indoor time at school, so my Mommy Instincts were to get out of the house for a day and just learn on our own. Oscar took his camera along to document the excursion, and to snap photos of things he liked at the Museum, so that we could print off the photos at home and then try to draw them on our own. Continue Reading →