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Tech Review / Stop Motion App


A little APP recommendation for you, should you be looking for something for the kids to do this Winter. I downloaded the Stop Motion App awhile ago, thinking it may be fun to show Oscar. The other day Oscar was home sick and so we decided to just play around with the app on my iphone. Together we did a test one, and I showed him the basics behind stop motion movies. I left Oscar alone and came back to this one video. I was shocked! It was good! He totally got the hang of it.

Tip: Set the iphone on a stand so that it stays in one place, and keep the background solid so the kids can see the movements easier.

Ps., And yes, That’s a minion, sitting on a photocopier, scanning his rear end, and walking away with it. 🙂
P.p.s, Oscar is 6 and a half, so hopefully that helps gauge it for your family!

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Tech Recommendation – The Tile

iPhone 3794


Aubrey gave me two of these Tiles a few months ago and I’m obsessed. I’m constantly trying to find either my phone or, my keys right when I’m trying to get out the door. Needless to say I think Aubrey was a wee bit tiered of me yelling at him from different floors of the house asking if he had seen either (usually my phone) and then when he tries to call my phone we realize it’s on silent. I’ve been using these Tiles that he bought me since Christmas and it’s the best thing ever. So here is how it works. You attach this “tile” to your key chain, and install an APP onto your phone. Should you loose your keys, you go to your phone and via the APP, click on a button and the little tile, that is attached to your keys will ring. It will also show you, on your phone, the last known location of your keys. But truthfully I don’t loose my keys that often – it was more that I loose my phone. (Or Oscar takes it to play some games, and then puts it somewhere that I can’t find). The selling feature of this product was that should you, like I, loose your phone – you can press your TILE on your key chain, and it will make your phone RING. Even if it’s on SILENT! Game. Changer. Available from Amazon. xo

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Almost 2….


Oscar is almost 2. Two months away from turning two. Oh my. Within the last month I’ve seen a lot of changes. He’s putting two words together. “Silly Mommy.” “No Mommy.” He’s counting to 10, and can spell his name (which is hilarious, I must take a video). He knows his colours, and his favourite animal is still a turtle. He’s also expressing himself a lot through screaming – which I’ve been told by other Moms, is quite normal. It must frustrating for him to not be able to properly articulate what is bothering him. Although we have tactics on how to deal with the outbursts (talking it through & patience) I have to admit, the iphone comes in handy in emergency situations (like above). The picture is just too funny. It was such a cranky moment, and I had to snap his expressive face. Love it.

Ps., On the subject of apps – right now our favourite apps are

Interactive Alphabet

Little Fox Music Box

Eric Carle’s My Very First App

– Oscar loves the memory game and last week actually completed a full game matching animals. (It was crazy) Any ones you can recommend?