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Pools + Bathing Suits


Do you have a pool? I’m dreaming of one. My Mother curses hers and threatens to fill it with concrete, I can’t stop fantasizing about one day building a lap pool outback. Aubrey said that there was a possibility we could do it (to which I responded like this). He clarified numerous times he said it was a p-o-s-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-y but obviously I already had a Pinterest board set up for that moment. 

We just got back from a weeks vacation in the Dominican and I picked up this bathing suit and although I went with my classic – all the time black, the off the shoulder design was a step into a new territory – and I fell. in. love with the suit. (I highly recommend it by the way so grab it before everyone else buys their summer suits and no sizes are left) Here is a roundup of some bathing suits I’ve fallen for. And one day, for when I have a pool like the one above, I’ll also have a body that will look like the below. LOL!

Colourful One Piece Suits

Black Bathing Suits

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Style Files / anthropologie


I picked up this Kimono for our latest beach vacation and it is the best bathing suit coverup. (I wore it daily) I was browsing Anthro’s site and fell for some of their items that are bright bold colours and amazing patterns – perfect for Summer. Here are some of my favourites that I spotted…

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The best #LadyBoss Bags

123No. 1 (on sale!) / No. 2 (the ultimate luxury)3 / (the one I ordered) / 5 / 6 (the miss – a little too small for my needs)

In my line of work – self employed, and the flexibility of being able to work primarily via e-mail – I’ve hadn’t had the need to have a professional work wordrobe in the last decade. Fast forward to this year and things shifted and I found myself going to more meetings, and I found myself needing a briefcase to tote around my tech. And I had the HARDEST time finding one I liked in my budget and, big enough to fit my graphic tablet that I lug around when looking to sketch on the road. Here are five that I had found on my mad-googling-search for the best bag. I wanted to be Olivia Pope but I didn’t have an Olivia Pope budget. (I’m looking at you Prada. I’m in love with you)

I fell hard for this Kate Spade (Number six above) and actually made a trip into the store to see it but sadly, it was just too small for my graphic tablet but would have been fine for someone not looking to carry around a big piece of tech. After searching and searching I came across the brand Graceship which caught my eye because they are gorgeous, stylish and – designed to fit tech. I e-mailed them the measurement of my tablet to double check and they e-mailed back saying that yes – it would fit! Minutes later I ordered + paid for it, and a week later it arrived and it’s PERFECT. I ended up with the New York, although it was a tie with the London style. In the end I liked how I could just slip in my tablet into the top without fiddling with flaps / buckles.

Love, love, love it. Below is an example of the London style, and you can see how they really focus on function, in addition to nailing the style.


Bag / GraceShip Bag / New York Style 

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the best beach totes


 1 /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7  /  8

I’m slightly obsessed with bags at the moment, after a month long search for a women’s work bag (more on that in another post) but I became slightly obsessed with beach totes, and picked up No. 5 above on a recent trip over to the USA. There is something so great about these bags because they are an instant pop of colour to an outfit without having to commit to a bright top or flashy pants. The bag is a great way to just add some style of the moment, without committing I find. I absolutely love the function of them too as a Mom, because as we’re out more in the Summer, I am using my tote as my Mom-Bag – with colouring books, games and such for Oscar so that if we’re at a BBQ and he gets restless, I have my go to summer bag to find some fun things to do. Anyhow, just a roundup of some of the ones I came across online and in person that I thought were fun! xo

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Style Files / classic holiday style

1   /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7  /  8

Much like my home, I tend to not to take many liberties with patterns or, colour in my wardrobe. Instead I like to inject colour or pattern into smaller pieces like a clutch or, say a pair of shoes. If I can’t wear jeans, I’m likely not going to fit in. I live in my jeans. I’m also a no makeup person, even though I’ve tried, and tried to get behind it. I typically put on some mascara, my favourite Aveda lipgloss and a brush of NARS Orgasm blush. A few spritzs of Bvlgari and I feel put together and lady like.  With the exception of that clutch, I own all of the above and 7 days a week it’s typically what I wear with the exception of the jewels and, the shoes which I would be switching out for this necklace and these shoes.  Just a holiday outfit that goes from Mom, to a little fancier. 🙂

The jeans are your classic GAP Jeans and a really inexpensive black top from Old Navy. Some things I don’t really spend too much on, which gives me some comfort when I splurge on a pair of special shoes, a necklace I love etc. But the shoes above are JustFab and cost be a whopping $40. (I bought a second pair, which is shown below)

You can easily switch out simple things like the clutch, shoes or necklace to give it a totally different look. Here are some other items that you could easily work with, in your jeans + black top staple pieces…