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Jardin De Ville Spring / Summer collection

We’re planning our back deck remodel (we’ve been planning it for 10 years) and I’m hoping to share some updated shots of what we’re going (planning / wishing) to do. Part of the planning of the deck has been trying to visualize how we’re going to use the deck – which is hard, given that I’m a ding dong with spacial planning. Until the deck is actually built, I’m stuck in a state of just dreaming of how we will use it. But I have an idea that I’d like it to be used as a lounge area, with deep seating where Aubrey and I can sit and just enjoy the Spring / Summer / Fall season until the Canadian Winter puts us in a snow globe. It’s because of our short enjoyment of the seasons that I feel like we should focus on enjoying our space outdoors and, make it comfortable.

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October 21st is #SmallBizSaturday

This past Summer our little family took a not so little road trip across Canada and through the USA for a 14 day (or maybe it was more?) adventure. I lost count it was so lovely being on a road trip with my boys. On our way home, on the last day of our journey, truthfully tired and a little cranky, we stopped in Cooperstown, USA and I experienced what could be only described as magic. A little toy shop nestled on the busy street was filled with sounds of toys whirling and purring. Behind the counter was a shopkeeper, a man who people write about in storybooks, or at least authors base fairy tales on, and he surely had magic dust floating out of his pockets.

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