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Valentine’s Day Roundup

Raccoon Valentine’s Day Card / Gold XOXO / Mod Heart Art Print / Thatch & Thistle Supply Co. Pink Bags / Perfect Match, Match Set / Pink Jewelry DishBISOU BISOU BISOU Pink & Gold Pencils / Mini Iced Cookies / Striped Candles

Pehr Ombre Heart Basket / Everyday I Love You Mug / Valentine’s Day Cards / Hug Machine Book / Love Poems / Blush Kate Spade Vase / Purrrrfect Plate /

I love, love, love Valentine’s Day stuff. I’m already making valentine’s treat bags for Oscar’s class, and squealing like a little kid walking through the Dollar Store Holiday aisles (which, were loading up with Valentine’s Day stuff right after Christmas – which was random, but never the less….) I go CRAZY for this day. So this post is dedicated to the ridiculously fun stuff on the market for this season. Enjoy!

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Gift Guide / For Babies

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I’m a sucker for baby things – even though we don’t have a baby anymore in our house. But seriously, knit sweaters, cute cozy pants, silly stuffed toys that are likely more for the delight of the parents than the children – but it’s such a wonderful time to have a baby in ones’s life – that we can’t resist stuff like this. Here are some of my favourites. 😉 Enjoy! 

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Gift Guide / For Kids

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I have to tell you that the gift guide above is as much for me, as it is for kids. I worked for 9 years at a toy store – from the retail floor all the way up to their head office. I. LOVE. TOYS. It should come as no surprise, seeing as my life is really about creating artwork for kids rooms. I love colour, I love imagination, it’s all just awesome.  While playing with Oscar, I sometimes have found myself thinking – “I have to include this on my gift guide!” because some toys are great hits, whereas others are misses. The one toy that I really wanted to highlight in the above collection was No. 8  – and that’s the Magformer set. I was apprehensive about the magnetic building toy because of the cost, but it is 100% worth the investment. The magnets are forgiving, but don’t fall apart (so they are strong enough – not allowing for frustration in a 4 year old) If you are looking for a really special gift for a kiddo, really consider this. And get a big enough set, because nothing is more frustrating that wanting to build and only having a few pieces.