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Books for Kids | the perfect bedtime book

Creating a family library | We love, love books in our house. I still get the privilege of snuggling with Oscar at night and reading him storybooks before bedtime. It’s the perfect way to wind down after a busy day. We’ve been doing it since he was a baby and even though we take hiatuses sometimes – I notice just an improvement in mindset when we’ve taken the time to sit and read together. I have so many books (from baby and beyond) to recommend, so in the effort to have some consistency on my blog I’m going to be posting a new book every Wednesday. 

I can’t recall how I stumbled upon this book. But I did – and I was intrigued by all the amazing reviews. Surely all of those people couldn’t be wrong? Turns out they weren’t wrong. This is honestly the sweetest book.  It has become one of my favourite books to read aloud to Oscar at night if we’re in need of some calm. It’s a sweetly written story of a boy who meets a mole, and they then meet a fox – and eventually a horse. Wisdom and sweet messages are beautifully written.

Available here or at your local bookshop.

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Shopping Guide | Easter

Easter is official one month away! It is one of my favourite holidays, next to Valentine’s Day. It’s just pure fun and excitement seeing kids race around looking for Easter Eggs. Then dinner with the family and sneaking chocolates throughout the day. Here are some of my window shopping finds for Easter. First, there’s the beautiful baby toy that would be PERFECT for Baby’s first Easter.  Dylan’s Candy Store Easter Box would be perfect as a hostess gift if you were going to someone’s home for Easter Dinner. This Easter basket would be perfect for Baby’s first Easter, or as a gift for a niece or nephew, filled with goodies. I couldn’t let this shopping guide go without putting our Easter Bunny Pin Set in there, perfect as a little gift for a young adult or – parent. This box of Truffle Eggs would be a perfect gift for Grandma.

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H&M Home – Sale!

I’m a huge fan of H&M. I hate going out to stores to try to find clothes, so I’m one of those people that relies on stores that offer free shipping and returns. It has helped me dress myself, Oscar, and, even decorate my home. H&M has a crazy amazing homeware line and they are having a sale right of 15% off so I wanted to show you some of my faves.

I bought a handful of these hooks a few weeks ago for our front hallway with the hopes that they would work. We have plaster walls so Aubrey has indicated they won’t go up easily but I’m reluctant to return them as they are SUCH A GOOD PRICE.

I love anything marble and have a few of this style of box around my house to store little crystals, found objects or treasures. Marble NEVER goes out of style, and bringing a natural element into any room, adds some warmth (even if it is white)

This throw is absolutely stunning.

I’m leaning towards the relaxed Cali vibe in my design / decor loves and a wood hook panel like this would be beautiful against a white wall.

I’m in love wth this blue stripe duvet because the stripes look extra chunky which is a nice variation on what I typically see on the market.

I will talk about this one in an upcoming post, but I was looking for a similar fabric to this duvet from Tonic Living to replace Oscar’s headboard fabric with. The price tag for the fabric was sadly too much considering we’re likely going to renovate Oscar’s room in a few years time. I then stumbled upon this duvet in a similar fabric and purchased it. I used it to recover Oscar’s headboard but it is the SOFTES fabric. I would totally get this for the house, cottage, cabin. It’s so beautiful and well price for what you get!

This would be pretty cute for St. Patricks Day. 

Here are some of my faves!

* Affiliate links used in this post. H&M sale valid through 03/04/2020