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Ikea NYMÅNE lights

I bought some IKEA NYMÅNE lights for the TV Room. They are PERFECT. They blend in, are minimal and they didn’t need to be hardwired. Oh, and they’re under $20 each. My only gripe is that the on/off switch on each cord sits high. I think the only solution (if you find that it bothers you) would be to have them rewired to remove that chunky switch….which I may do, but right now I can live with it.

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Light Wood

I've been gravitating to lighter wood these days. Lighter wood floors, lighter wood tables,. There is something laid back about the vibe and reminds me of California. I'm itching (and I mean ITCHING) to make over a vacation property or something of the sort in these looks. Speaking of which, I found this listing for a cottage on Georgian Bay and the look is pretty on point with what I'm itching for.

Dining Chairs Set Of 2 . / . $44.98

Foyer Table / $329