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Things I’ve Bought and loved

I’ve been on a home organizing kick lately – I find an organized home helps me think better, so I thought I’d share some of my recent buys that I’m obsessed with. They are little things, but man oh man I’m in love. Actually after doing up my list, some things are non-organizational, but heck, I bought them and legit love them. This post isn’t styled. I didn’t tidy my closet. But, even though things aren’t tidy, they ARE organized, which I can live with. 

Dimmer switches are awesome, and I grabbed these from Amazon so that I could not only dim my bedside lights for relaxation mode, but so that I could turn my bedside lamps on and off without getting out of bed. The long cord means that I can even tuck it right by my bed, so I can roll over, and turn off the light late at night after scrolling Instagram too late into the night. Available here.  (Also on my nightstand – my jade roller (love) and SoLuxury Magnesium Spray for deep night sleeps)

Sometimes a little light does wonders, and these ones that I picked up are bright, and perfect for my shelves in my closet. I try to not keep my lotions and potions in the main bathroom – when you’re tiny house living it’s important to keep things super organized. So the bathroom is saved for necessities (like toothbrushes etc) and my closet is where I keep my goods. These lights are awesome. Buy them here. (I bought the warm white)


This is the perfect small, battery operated magnifying mirror. I love this little guy. The light is SUPER bright and it’s perfect for applying serum on at night or any reason you need to see your face up close. (Insert 1006 reasons here…) Available here. 

I am the BIGGEST fan of the Dollar store for storage boxes, because they make the best organization helpers on the planet. Again, with small house living when storage, or lack of storage is an issue – finding creative ways of maximizing space is huge. 

Here’s a shot of our closet in our room that houses all of the “medicine” stuff on one shelf. The clear boxes are awesome because you obviously can see everything in them – I tend to write on masking tape the contents so I can easily identify the box I need.

The rest of the closet is towels, sheets etc. But this one shelf I’ve maximized the storage by combining Dollar store bins (also found at Canadian Tire) with some dollar store stackable organizing shelves. 

This one is less “home organizing” than it is “home”. I came across the Rockin Green challenge on Instagram – you soak your clothes in a basin with water and the eco laundry detergent and all this gross dirt comes out. It shows you what your regular laundry detergent isn’t getting out. It’s a regular detergent for your laundry (you don’t have to soak all your laundry for it to work) but the soaking “challenge” is a cool thing to do. And I tried it and became OBSESSED. I’ve got my Mom hooked too. My clothes wash better, don’t have a perfume to them and my clothes feel beautifully clean. I think I’ll do a deep soak, like the challenge does, on certain things every so often (sheets perhaps) to get them super-dooper clean. 

Above is the bathtub before, with the dissolved detergent. Below are my cushions from a chair. I did my clothes in another batch, and believe it or not, a carpet my cat had barfed on and stained. In all cases, the detergent cleaned everything. It’s magic. Buy it here. 

Anyhow, that’s today’s fun edition of what I legit bought and loved. 

In shopping

Style Guide / Anthropologie

Passport Holder

I’m always browsing shops like Anthropologie for inspiration on trends. They bring in gorgeous makers and seem to have an eclectic mix of styles. Here are some of the items I’ve been eyeing and own. (Ps., they have their Summer Sale on right now)

My friend Erika gave this to me to take with me to NYC at my first National Stationery Show this past May and it is the BEST little case. I’m obsessed. Find it here. 


Sweet treat spoons

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