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Just Launched – Photography Collection

So fun news! My photography collection has launched!

The backstory is that I’ve been sitting on my photography collection for a few years now, wanting to launch it … but a few things held me back. As a creative I want to make and make and find new ways to explore what I love and photography is something I adore.  I take photos that I want for my home – bright and airy, California and chill. It’s my escape from my business life, and brings me so much happiness.

So as much as I want these photos in my own home I kept hearing from others that they wanted them too. But I faced road blocks along the way.  Continue Reading →

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Chalk Art Photo Project

I saw this idea to create a sweet photo project using chalk a few weeks ago and recreated it for a project for Father’s Day. Pop over to the BLACK’s blog for how I did it!  It was really super simple and I’m kind of obsessed with BLACKS Large Format Prints. (Look how perfect it works in an Ikea Ribba Frame)

I’m in LOVE with this project. See it over here!


I added in the blue chalk background after the fact which is a really simple trick that involves 1 change in your photo editing program – a feature that most programs have. It’s to change the Opacity of your paintbrush from 100% (which would be full coverage) to less – I used 33% – which means the background still shows through. Also – if your program has it – pick a paintbrush that has some variations in the edging. 


This post is sponsored by BLACKS. 

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Back from March Break / What to do with your photos


See my latest post for BLACKS on how to create a great photobook with your photos from March Break. I chose to use a pretty graphic / patterned photo (Palms!!!) instead of a family photo for the front and I couldn’t have been any happier with the results. I leave the book out because it looks like a high end, fancy-schmancy designer book but when you pop it open BAM! It’s our faces. 😉


Disclaimer / Comments and projects are my own but I am in a paid partnership with BLACKS. This post was originally posted on (c) Lindsay Stephenson 2015