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Last Minute Halloween Decor

Spiders / Bats / Bat Mobile / Candles/ Skeleton Bones

I’m way behind on decorating, except for this item I grabbed, and accidentally scared Aubrey with. (oops). I have grand plans on hosting a Halloween party in our studio for Oscar one year, and here are some items I’ve bookmarked from Amazon, for potential contenders for next year (as I’m failing at this year, apparently). We’re not HUGE Halloween decorators – one neighbour has a full out castle built on their lawn, which terrifies even me. Edit. Add this item to my shopping list too. 

Ps., Speaking of Halloween…. Stranger Things comes out FRIDAY!!!

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2016 Halloween Picks

Halloween Picks from Lindsay Stephenson

White Pumpkin /Haunted Eyeball Door Bell * / Skull Candy Jar / Keep Out Vintage Sign / Halloween Enamel Pins / Trick Or Treat Cookie Cutters / Gypsy Witch Fortune Cards / Skeleton Mask for Kids 

I’m OBSESSED with the doorbell (see a video here) and although Target has the best price, it is out of stock. (I shake my fist at you Target!) But with a little sleuthing I found it on Amazon (no shipping to Canada I’m afraid, though) and also on Ebay where I grabbed one for our house and paid way too much for it, but I justified the purchase with the fact that I rarely buy new halloween decor for our house.

A little talk about halloween costumes and, sensitive kids. I’m always excited when I see Halloween costumes for kids that are low stress. Oscar never warmed to the idea of a major costume, and as I think I’ve mentioned in previous years it’s always hit or miss to whether he’ll want to get dressed up. If you have a kiddo like mine, I have to tell you – Skeleton Pajamas like these or these are FANTASTIC as they 1. aren’t an investment so should your child decide not to go out then they are literally pajamas you can use. Plus I find #2 – the fact that they are super simple and not a “costume” means it doesn’t bother a child who maybe doesn’t want to stand out, is shy, or just reluctant. Seriously. Buy skeleton pajamas. With that being said, I saw these at Land of the Nod (they do ship to Canada) and fell for the bat wings – and then fell down a rabbit hole of saving pictures of pretty much all their costumes. Again, I liked these as they seem low stress and, like they wouldn’t be a huge change for a kiddo who maybe doesn’t want to go *all out*. They are SO cute. Check them out here. 

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BOO! Halloween Card / The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Postage Stamp / Haunted Canada Stamp Set / Owl & Crow Postage / Frankenstein Postage Stamp

Want to know a trick to making your snail mail stand out? Vintage stamps. Search Etsy for awesome stamp sellers and you can buy unmarked – still useable, vintage stamps. Side note – if you want Halloween stickers & live in Canada, Canada Post released some Halloween Stickers shown above in the package.