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Easter Decor

I got in all of these awesome goodies for the shop, and realized that the vendor photographs didn’t do them justice, or, show their scale really all that well so I’m trying to show my faves in a table setting, which gets me super excited for EASTER!

How cute are these mini peep tins? Inside are hard candies that are in the shape of…PEEPS. And have a marshmallow flavour. Cuuuuute.

This little windup bunny I snapped a photo of with my phone, because how sweet would it be for everyone to have a wind up bunny on their place setting for Easter dinner!?? TOO CUTE.

Pop over to the shop to grab some of the sweet Easter goodies that you can stock up on for your Easter dinner! xoxox

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bunny place card holders

I decided to make some seating cards for the Easter table. Originally I was going to use just some sculpey and make a circle to hold a card – but then at the last minute I added ears and I think they are super cute. Here’s how I did it. 

Step 1: Roll a circle out of Sculpey + take your seating card (or something of the same thickness) and create a slit in the centre. Next, create some ears out of Sculpey. To attach the ears, with your fingers wedge open the slit you created with the seating card, and gently attach the ears to the front half of the bunny head.

Step 2: Take your seating card and put it back in the slit and mould the head again around the card so the card fits snugly, but you know it will be able to act as a card holder. You do this step because after fiddling around with attaching the ears, your bunny head likely got slightly distorted.

Step 3: Follow the instructsion on the packaging and bake. (Mine took 15 minutes)

Step 4: Mix some light pink paint and paint the inside of the bunny ears.

And ta-da! A simple seating card holder for Easter. I purposefully decided not to put a face on the bunny to save it from going too cutesy

Materials Used: Clay; Sculpey. Seating Card; Cloud Mini Card via The Penny Paper Co. 

Ps., Sorry for hitting you with so many posts in a short amount of time. Typically I space out posts but because this project is related to a holiday that is right around the corner, and this project was 100% last minute, I figured I should publish it now.