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Obsessed with | Boucle Fabric

I’m a year overdue for getting on the bandwagon, seeing as Architectural Digest announced last February that “Boucle is back” but heck, this fabric keeps popping up everywhere and it’s like a good publicist, I’m now obsessed. Here is a frivolous roundup of some items that I’m currently obsessed with.

(hint hint to anyone looking for a gift for me, I’m obsessed)

Lumbar Pillow case
(not hinting. i actually bought this and I’m waiting for it to be delivered)

Boucle Chair

A more affordable chair option from Article

Kind of obsessed with this one for a bedroom


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Obsessed with / Neon

Pink Top / Yellow Top / Phone Case / Earrings (I own these. I admit. But I’m saving onto them for Halloween)

I blame it on the Kardashians. I wish I didn’t have to admit that. But I will. I saw Kim Kardashian sporting the ugliest neon outfits like six months ago, maybe a year. And I was like “WTF is that”. But I also thought to myself, “this is going to become a trend”. An as an 80’s kid, I was kind of, secretly excited.¬† (I mean, our outfits were kind of awesome) As a designer, you start to pin point where trends start and more often than not it’s with fashion. Then into accessories, home goods, and so on. So if you see a trend on the runway, even if in the wildest of outfits, you will see it maybe incorporated in more subtle ways – like on an iphone case. So although I’m kind of digging the neon, I can see incorporating it more into my life via subtle ways as opposed to a bright sweater or a watch.

Swatch Watches

I’s definitely not for everyone, but there’s no denying that neon is making a comeback. I should have held onto my awesome neon ski suit from the 80’s and I’d totally be in fashion.