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Nest Cameras

A few years ago I installed a Ring video doorbell. I was going to write a long post about it, but I’ll save you the log list of grievances and tell you that it didn’t work for us (one major issue – we had a package stolen from our porch and the video quality was so awful you couldn’t see who it was).  After some research and knowing what I didn’t like about the Ring system, I decided on replacing it with the Nest system. After a few weeks of use, I can happily say, I’m in love.

So what we bought and love….

We put a Nest Cam Outdoor (not the IQ one) at the back of our house where we have a laneway and we park our car occasionally.  This camera is super easy to install, it’s plug in and is made for outdoor use. We had electricity going to our shed, so it was an easy install – we placed the camera facing our parking spot at the back. Plug and go….

The camera detects both movement and, people. It will alert you by saying it see’s either, but it’s helpful that it differentiates between the two for when you’re scrolling through the history of activity. The racoons are our biggest offender back there. We know their whole evening routine.

The front of the house was a little more tricky as the Nest Hello doorbells need to be hardwired. We didn’t have an existing doorbell at the front of our house  (The Ring was a battery system, which was a whole other set of issues) so we ended up hiring an electrician to come to our house to install it for us. (Side note, I found an electrician through the Jiffy app and I was REALLY happy with the service. I’d recommend hiring someone to do this, but it is something you could technically do.

I bought these at Lowes and Amazon separately, based on what pricing worked out to be the best. Lowes had a coupon if you spent over a certain amount. These things aren’t inexpensive, but they are worth it based on me using it the last few weeks. The video quality is AMAZING and I 100% recommend this line.

Learn More via Nest (Shop Online)

Ps., Although I would say this upfront at the beginning of the post (also, not in some clever creative writing way to hide it), this post is not sponsored. I’m not a #Partner and this is not an #ad. xo

In Lindsay/ My House

At Home | New coffee table

We added a new coffee table to the living room and I’m in love. This is the coffee table I grew up with, sitting by as people gathered in my parents living room. I’d sit on the floor and put my head on my Moms lap, as she’d play with my hair. Originally purchased from @theartshoppeto– many, many moons ago it was at the heart of our family gatherings forever.

15 years ago this table was put in the garage when my parents did an extensive renovation to their home, and redecorated. This table has been in the garage ever since.

A few weeks ago, Aubrey and his brother in law flexed their muscles and moved this granite coffee table into our living room and it feels like it was always supposed to be here. We’ve already played Connect Four and Othello here, eaten dinner around it and had coffee dates by it.

Not only do I love the look in my home, I love that it remains in the family and will continue to be at the heart of family gatherings.